Showing Kindness towards Animals Is Also a Humane Act That We Should Follow


In this busy world, where everybody is busy improving their own selves, people seldom care about taking care of others’ needs. We may have grown more towards development and digitization but our hearts have zeroed down to levels of disgraces where kindness and compassion have long lost from our lives.

Nowadays, we see so many cases of cruelties, abuses, and frauds that it almost takes away our faith in humanity and we also tend to act that way so that we are not duped of our rights. But it cannot be denied that where it is evil, there ought to be good or else the world won’t run this way.

So, the act of kindness and humanities are still alive inside some of us that we all should nurture more to gain that height of sanity that is required for being a complete human being. And by being kind does not mean that we show it only in case of other fellow humans but also to plans and animals which are living beings as well. When you do so, you will sincerely attain a feeling of bliss and contentment inside you that would make you happier to unimaginable extents.

Why taking care of animals is a necessary act and how you can contribute towards it?

As animals can’t talk or express their feelings, we as humans should be more responsible towards them than we are to the fellow humans. We should treat them with kindness and should not carry out such actions which would cause them any personal injuries like humans (more information here) get when they are subjected to abuses or any other such harm that would affect their health or so.

And this is the reason why they must be treated well no matter whether they are wild animals or our pets. Some people keep the wild tied to a specific area for showing off or as pets but they are supposed to roam free while some people buy pets and do not take well care of them; all these must be stopped to protect them of the harms that are caused by these actions.

Moreover, people also tend to use animals as a means to perform in the circus or in any act to earn money, this is also a form of cruelty and must be stopped. We should take actions against them to eradicate cruelties against animals to a greater extent.

The closure

As human beings, we are granted the highest positions amongst all other living beings prevailing in this earth. So, it becomes our sole responsibility to act that way and prove our worth as the highest positioned formation. But with passing times, a majority of this race have only brought shame and disgust to humanity by their cruel and heinous acts.

They kill people, they sexually assault women, they carry out fraudulent acts and more such acts that make us think twice that “are we really humans?” And when all these acts were not enough to add to our disgrace, people even started being cruel to plants and animals also. They take away the shelters of the animals by cutting trees and they kill animals for their own benefits.

But we should realize that all the living beings co-exist in our earth and to justify our highest ranks we should at least behave like humans and not just claim that we are the topmost ranked living species on earth. When you show kindness towards the creations of the world, the universe also finds ways to shower you with more kindness than you expect.