Small Home Interior Design Tips


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Small homes and apartments will have their own distinct advantages as well as their own disadvantages, no matter what kind of solution you have chosen for your interior design. Small homes may be easier to rent, and they can be managed more easily and cheaply after moving in, but they have their own challenges as well. Follow the tips ahead to make it count, making the most of what you have to work with so you can avoid the worst of it:


  • One of the first things you will need to keep in mind is a fairly simple solution: pay attention to your storage and see about taking advantage of any space you have to the best of your abilities. A chance to put up some new storage on the wall for example can be one way of doing this, the other can be taking care of the smaller objects such as placing them under your stairs or a similar solution that would serve a double purpose. There are many ways you can go about this and the choice is yours, but you would do well to consider that it will also mean you need to keep house cleaning in mind as well so you can handle it more easily.
  • Something else you can do is look for more friendly and softer shapes in your interior design. This will allow you to avoid the trouble of bumping into objects while you reside in your home, not to mention it will also make cleaning easier as well, since there will be fewer corners that can’t be cleaned all that well. Since a lot of homes today are not exactly way too spacious, the rounded shapes will be a great advantage you can work with.


  • You can also make use of creating an illusion of more space by making use of Lucite, or works made by using acrylic surfaces and glass so you can make use of their reflections. This can help create an optical illusion to fool the eyes and to create the optical illusion that more light is brought in. Look for more creative ways to use this ambient lighting and your interior design will have a lot to gain from it.
  • Do make sure you also work with multifunctional spaces as well, allowing you to handle much of what needs to be done in advance without having to use additional furniture and storage. This will also cut down on carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in general.
  • Use mirrored walls to combine decoration with vanity for a better final result. This will be one simple package with no more use of space, creating this illusion or even facing two mirrors, though that would get a bit strange due to the “endless hallway” effect.
  • Small homes may also need to utilize every corner so you can have sufficient and creative storage at all times. This will be useful whenever you need to deal with house cleaning at some point.