How to stand out with great looking boots for any occasion


Boots are coming back into fashion in a big way and with so many styles and types to choose from having the correct pair for whatever job our occasion you’re about to partake in is a must.

Boots started out with the sole purpose to get work done. They all used to have the same look and be made from the same materials such as thick hardy leather with a plain thick sole and strong thick leather laces. This is the type of boots your grandfather would have worn when he had hard work that needed to get done.

Even before then boots have been around for thousands of years and proven their practicality and usefulness time and time again.Today boots are getting more and more stylish with loads of special features and perks that give each pair and design their own unique feel and function.

There’s nothing better for a man than to be able to go to his wardrobe pick out a style or type of boot that will fit any occasion. Wether he’s heading out for a fancy dinner and needs to look sharp, heading out with the guys on a bucks weekend to go hunting through the woods and has to stay safe and warm or getting jobs done are the house or on the construction site getting a job done and has to keep his feet comfortable but at the same time protected.

All these boot designs are going to vary vastly depending on the task at hand.

Work boots for any tough job

Work boots are probably the first type of boots that spring to mind when we think of protective work footwear. Having high cut leather or rubber that travels halfway up your calf to stop anything falling down the boot to cause discomfort is the first line of protection for the worker.

The main aspect the differentiates work boots from ordinary everyday fashion boots is the protective toe. Composite or steel toe boots are an essential protective part of any good work footwear. Why, I hear you ask? Feet are in constant connection with the workplace which presents hazards to your feet. Whether you’re working around sharp objects like nails, screws or steel off cuts or walking on hot surfaces like hot roofs or asphalt you need to keep the soles of your feet comfortable but secure.

The climate you work in will also depend on whether or not you need a composite of steel toe.

Steel toe boots are usually heavier and provide more substantial protection while the composite counter part is lighter and slightly less enduring. One of the largest up sides to composite toe boots is the fact that it doesn’t absorb the temperature of the outside climate meaning, steel toe boots will heat up or cool down as steel is a great conductor of temperatures.

Fashionable boots

These stylish boot designs don’t need to be as rough and tough as their rugged work boot counterparts. The main function of these boots is to look good while providing maximum comfort and pleasure to wear and to fit in with the rest of the clothing you’re wearing.

Styles will vary greatly depending on what look you wish to achieve and the climate in which you live.

Some very popular styles that becoming very in vogue at the moment are the low cut browns men leather wingtips.

Usually sporting a mid to thin type heel and small holes around the toe and heel edging they suit fancy to casual events and gigs.

No matter what the event or to type of work you’re going to carry out there will be a pair of boots to suit the occasion. Keep in mind the types and styles when choosing boots for your job or event and try to buy a pair that not only looks good but provides comfort and protection, this is an essential aspect if you’re going to carry out any type of work that could provide any risk or danger to your feet.