Steps on How to Build a Smart Wardrobe—for Less!


The right clothes not only make us look good, they also make us feel great and become better versions of ourselves. However, they do require an investment of money, time, and effort. You also need knowledge of what would look great on you and fit into your lifestyle.

Building a stylish wardrobe need not be expensive. You can do it gradually, making sure that they are carefully hung in a Garderoobid or wardrobes that suit you and your space.

If you already have a wardrobe, then great! If not, you may want to consider having a new one made to suit your needs.

Tips on how to build an affordable yet stylish wardrobe:

Your success in building a wardrobe relies on how well you know yourself, your needs, your space, and your style. Remember the following as you go:

  • Know what you need. Your wardrobe should fit your lifestyle. So list down your daily activities, then make a checklist of what kind of clothes you need for each.
  • Begin where you are. When you have your list, bring out all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you have and try them on. Pick out those that fit well, are in good condition, and which look great on you. On your checklist, mark the clothes you already have and note which ones you need to buy. Also, note what styles and colors do wonders for you.
  • Invest. Consider your budget. Building your new wardrobe does not have to be a one-time thing. Plan to do it over a certain period, so it will be easier on your pocket. Buy the items you need and do not have first. You can gradually replace your older items with new ones as you go along. Make sure to invest in quality clothing. And remember, high-quality pre-loved clothes can be better than cheap new ones.     
  • Focus on shoes. Shoes immediately level up (or down) your look. If you don’t have good shoes, make this one of your first priorities. Choose ones that are comfortable and versatile.
  • Keep them well. Take care of your clothes to make them look great longer. Immediately deal with any spots or any seams that need repair. Make sure that your wardrobe can comfortably accommodate all your things in the way they should best be kept.
    • Is the rail sturdy and long enough to hold all the clothes you need to hang up?
    • Are the shelves enough for your folded clothes and other accessories?
    • Does it have enough drawers to keep your smaller necessities?
    • Is there ample space for your footwear?   

Your clothes and your wardrobe have a great impact, not only on how you project yourself to the world, and how others treat you, but also how you treat yourself. So make the effort—you are worth it! There are companies that specialize in custom-made furnishings, such as Grandber Sisustus, which can help bring your ideal wardrobe to life, at a very reasonable cost.