Storage Solutions: Getting the Playroom Organized


Keeping the playroom organized can be a challenge, but good organization can enhance playtime and help you keep maintain the neat appearance of your home. Encouraging children to keep their space tidy and employing the following tips will go a long way to supporting the organization of this room where messes are made but fun is always at hand.


Plastic Bins

Plastic bins in uniform or even contrasting hues can help you bring order the chaos of the playroom. You can store various types of toys in each bin. For example, store building blocks in one bin and action figures in another. You can also label each bin so toys are always easy to find and easy to put away.



Sturdy baskets are another great organizing tool for your playroom. You can store various items in baskets like crayons, board books, doll clothes, and small play toys. Baskets are not as sturdy as plastic bins, but they do add a touch of rustic elegance to the setting and may be more conducive to your decorative scheme.


Reading Nook

If possible, be sure to set aside space for a reading nook. You can add a small bookcase and even some book shelves to keep picture books neatly organized. Even at an early age, it’s important to teach children to care for books properly.


Game Station

By keeping games stored in one place in your playroom, you can better ensure that no game pieces become lost. After perusing board games for sale, you may wish to bring home several that fit into a niche in your playroom area.



Sturdy shelves are ideal for storing decorative items that you want to showcase, but may not want children to play with on a daily basis. Items like piggy banks or music boxes can easily be broken, but when stored with care on a shelf, they’re more likely to last for years.


Craft Area

Crayons, markers, paper, and other art items should ideally be stored together in one area designated for crafts. A small craft table with a few shelves or cabinet space for art supplies will keep these items within reach but out of the way of routine play. You can also ensure that they don’t wind up all over the room when they are stored with care in one area of the room.


Counter Cabinets

A counter is ideal for a busy playroom, especially when designed with cabinetry. You can use a countertop to work puzzles, do crafts, or play with clay. The cabinetry allows you to store all types of items like art supplies, games, special toys, or even models. You can find cabinetry and countertops to suit the decorative style of your playroom.


With these tips in mind, you can maintain order in a space that’s nearly synonymous with disorder and clutter. It may take time to get this space organized, but once you have a system in place, you and your children will be able to better enjoy the playroom setting.


Abbie Coles is a Mother and teacher support assistant who enjoys writing parenting articles in her spare time. She writes on a range of parenting and educational topics.