Stud Earrings Are Perfect for Any Occasion


Women who need a classic and elegant look reach for stud earrings to help them achieve this goal. These earrings pair with a wide array of outfits and can go from casual to formal with a change of clothing. For this reason, every woman needs at least one good pair of stud earrings. However, many women struggle to find that pair, as they are overwhelmed by the number of choices available today. The following tips become of great help when you go to choose earrings.

Metal Options

Some women find they are blessed and look amazing regardless of what they are wearing. However, these women fall into a very small category. Most ladies today must consider numerous things when choosing stud earrings at Adina’s Jewels, including the color of the metal used as the foundation for the earring. However, the metal plays a role in other ways as well.

Certain women find they are sensitive to some metals, such as nickel or copper. This may limit their earring choices, but it doesn’t have to. Speak to a dermatologist about ways these earrings can be worn safely without causing an allergic reaction.

If this isn’t possible, choose platinum earrings. They are hypoallergenic, which means any woman should be able to wear them without difficulty. After it has been determined which metals can be worn without encountering problems, it’s time to move on to the color of the metal.

Skin tone also plays a role in which metal you should select when purchasing stud earrings. Individuals with a cool skin tone or those that look better in jewel tones should choose silver or platinum pieces. Gemstones that complement a cool skin tone include sapphires, emeralds, or amethyst. Think of jewel tones and choose stud earrings in those colors. Pearls also look great on women with a cool skin tone.

Women with a warm skin tone look best in earth tones. Choose yellow or rose gold earrings as they also have a warm tone that complements the skin. When it comes to gemstones, select earthy blues and greens or pick coral and aquamarine stones. Yellow gold pearls are another great choice.


A woman needs to know how much she can spend on stud earrings before beginning a search for the perfect pair. With so many options available today, a woman will find it hard to narrow the choices down to one or two pairs. By establishing a budget before shopping, you won’t spend more than you intended. This allows you to find a pair of studs you love and consider similar options if they don’t fit into your budget.

The price a woman is willing to pay depends in part on where the earrings will be worn. For instance, a woman will typically pay more for diamond earrings that she will wear to black-tie events. Her budget for earrings to wear to work will probably be smaller.

Gemstone Cut

Women who go to purchase gemstone studs find they have options when it comes to the cut of the stone. Round and princess cuts remain popular today, but women should also consider other options. Princess cuts have been around for years, and experts believe they are here to stay. However, more women today are selecting the round cut. Martini studs and halo studs are two additional options to look into when purchasing stud earrings.

In addition, many stud earrings come in shapes. A woman might find she can share her love of dolphins or butterflies simply by choosing earrings in those shapes. Another person might choose stud earrings in the shape of rainbows or her home state.

Backing Options

Many women never consider the backs of earrings when they go to make a purchase. However, they should, as the earrings need to be comfortable to wear and they must stay on the ears. The backs play a large role in whether they succeed in these areas. People might believe they only have a few options when it comes to the backs, but they would be wrong. There are actually 15 different options available today.

Earrings are non-refundable, so make certain they will be comfortable before spending the money. In addition, after spending the money, you don’t want to lose the earrings. Nobody wants to spend countless hours finding the perfect pair of stud earrings only to discover they have lost one. Women often choose locking backs or screw backs so they don’t have to worry about this issue.

It never hurts to purchase extra backs to have on hand at all times. Nobody wants to discover they cannot wear their favorite pair of stud earrings because a back has been misplaced in her jewelry box. Having spare backs on hand ensures this is never an issue.


Women should pay attention to the latest fashion trends and update their wardrobe accordingly. However, many women find they cannot afford to buy several new pieces each season based on what the fashion experts say is hot. Thankfully, there is no need to do so.

Colored earrings offer women a way to add life to their outfits while taking part in the latest fad. Simply invest in stud earrings in this season’s color and add a necklace or other accessories and you are set. Fashion jewelry designers become of great help at this time because they offer the latest styles at affordable prices.

Don’t hesitate to pick up stud earrings that last a lifetime. Choose classic colors and wear them for years to come. When doing so, you may want to spend more to ensure they hold up with time.


When you find the perfect pair of earrings, you’ll want to wear them regularly. However, if the earrings are very heavy, you won’t be able to do so. For instance, platinum is heavier than white gold. Women need to consider this when purchasing to determine if they will be able to wear the earrings for an extended period or if they will need to reserve them for family pictures or other occasions where the earrings won’t be worn for very long.

The size of the stud also needs to be factored into the equation. Most earrings of this type feature a small metal-to-stone ratio. As a result, they are easy to wear for extended periods. If you do choose to go with oversized stud earrings, pay attention to how they feel in the ears. Oversized and heavy earrings can actually damage the ear lobe over time, and this damage may be irreversible without medical intervention.


Women should choose accessories that reflect their personality. For instance, a woman who loves bright colors and flamboyant clothing won’t look right in a pair of small stud earrings. The earrings should be oversized and noticeable, as this is her preferred style. In contrast, a woman who wears classic clothing in neutral tones may not want a pair of neon stud earrings that draw attention. Keep this in mind when shopping for the perfect pair.

This doesn’t mean a woman should feel locked into a certain style. Every woman should experiment with new styles, colors, and sizes regularly. By doing so, a lady can ensure she isn’t missing out on something she will love just because she was hesitant to try.

Additional Options

Furthermore, women should look into studs with adornments. For example, many studs now come with a chain that forms a loop when the earring back is attached to the stud. Other pairs feature a stud with a chain hanging down, or a person might choose to purchase mismatched stud earrings. For instance, one earring may feature a star while the other stud is a moon. The ideas are truly endless today, so experiment with different styles to find the one that is right for you.

The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your grandmother, mom, girlfriend, or wife, stud earrings are sure to please. They go with everything, are a thoughtful gift, and most importantly, they’re easy to wrap. You don’t have to worry about the style going with a specific personality, as they suit virtually anyone’s style.

Stud earrings are also a great complimentary gift, paired with bracelets or necklaces. Then, you appear even more generous than before. Imagine the Instagram post when she shows off both gifts given to her.

Stud earrings are a fantastic gift to give to more than one person, so when you find them on sale, snatch them up. You can give to various people even when they know each other. It just makes you appear more thoughtful.

There is no need to rush the process of choosing studded earrings. Take the time to compare many options, looking both locally and online. Don’t hesitate to speak to jewelers and online retailers for advice. They are more than happy to help customers find the right accessories for their needs. In addition, the experts can make suggestions on complementary pieces to ensure a polished look from head to toe.