Teal Home Decorations That Will Make You Add This Color Into Your Home


Rose quatz and serenity blue are Pantone’s Colors of the Year 2016, and they are spotted everywhere, from fashion and beauty to home decor. But besides these popular colors, there is yet another color that is gaining a huge popularity in the home decor this season. Do you probably have in mind which shade are we talking about? Well, you must be guessing from the title that that is the teal color, so below you will find versatile Teal Home Decorations that will make you add this color into your home. Check them out!

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Teal Living Rooms

Teal is a rich blue-green shade that can look good in combo with beige, white, yellow and other shades of blue. You can add this color into your living room in versatile ways. If you would prefer to have teal walls, then you should definitely choose some beige or white sofa to create a contrast. Or if you want to keep the walls white and bright, then you can choose to add some teal accents, whether some such rug, curtains, pillows or maybe even a teal sofa.

teal room
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living room
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teal and beige
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Teal Kitchens

The easiest way to make teal part of your kitchen is to choose some such kitchen cabinets. Keep the rest of the kitchen decor white. Or if you want to paint the walls with this trendy color, then you should avoid choosing teal cabinets. Here are several teal kitchen designs that you can get inspired from.

teal kitchen cabinets
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modern kitchen
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teal kitchen walls
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Teal Bedrooms

Teal is also a great color choice for the bedroom especially when combined with white. You can choose to use teal for accents such as pillows, curtains or maybe just one wall. Teal can be also the dominant color of the bedroom, but we advice you to use it only for details because it may look too dark and the bedroom looks better when it has lighter shades.

teal bedroom
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teal rug kids bedroom
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teal walls
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Teal Bathroom

And of course, the bathroom is the place where you can use any color you like, so teal can be used too. The easiest way to decorate with this shade is to choose some teal tiles or maybe paint the walls with it. Keep the rest of the bathroom decor in some contrasting shade such as white, beige or gray.

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teal home decorations
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modern bathrom
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So, would you choose to follow the latest home trends and decorate your home with teal? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.