The Case for Cat Eye Glasses


Are you looking for a new pair of glasses, but can’t seem to find the right pair for you? Don’t stress it, allow us to send you in the right direction. There are a plethora of options out there and the decision can easily overwhelm anyone, even for a life-long glasses wearer. Shopping online is a fantastic way to get exactly what you need and for the prices you want. There you will discover more options and variations of your favorite shapes and styles online. Plus, you can save more by shopping online, more options mean more options in your budget. Allow us to make a case for cat eye glasses as a fun and stylish frame for any fashion-forward individual.  

The Origin Story of the Cat Eye Frames

This shape is no new kid on the block, this frame has been popular for the last century and it does not look like it will go anywhere anytime soon. Cat eye glasses have seen a reinvention of themselves nearly every decade. There seems to be no limitation to the different renditions on the style, simply your imagination. During the Great Depression years of the United States in the 1930s, cat eye spectacles came into existence and rose to popularity. Altina Schinasi, a well-known filmmaker, had been solely responsible for their rise to fame and its longevity. She was in an optical shop shopping for a new pair of glasses when she came across a lack of interesting designs or styles. She then created the feminine cat shape and managed to sell them in a few department stores in New York City, and they were an instant hit. The form of the cat eye frame has evolved over the decades to meet the times. In the 1940s the style has cutely been dubbed the harlequin and featured pointed corners. The form narrowed in the 1950s, and people began to spot the frames on celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and in other classic Hollywood flicks. In the 1960s, Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s featured a cat eye pair of sunglasses, only leading to further popularity. The next few decades were a time of oversized and round shapes. This type of frame ballooned in the 70s, 80s, and even up until the early 2000s. During the later years, the frames were spotted in bright and bold colors, taking on thick and chunky rims. Once the 2010s rolled around, however, the size dramatically dropped, leading to a rebirth of the original cat eye shape. The designs until the present have been characteristically modern and geometric, practically futuristic. 

What face shapes work with a Cat Eye frame?

The classic shape is ideal only for a few face shapes, however, the fanfare for the style and the history behind it means there are versions of the style out there for everyone. The classic shape has a more round bottom-half of the frames, but there are many options available with a more square shape, ideal for round faces. This frame will continue to be popular and the styles are only going to become more interesting and of course diverse. Shop at SmartBuyGlasses to check out the selection available there. They offer an easy shopping experience and affordable eyewear options with over 80,000 frames and styles to choose from plus over 180 brands. Finding what you love and the perfect frame will be an easy and fun experience.