Things You Always Wanted To Know About Travel (But Were Afraid To Ask)


Travel is a great way to explore the world.

But it can also be scary. You might be worried about how much to pack or whether you’ll get through customs on time, but don’t worry.

We’re here to help you stay prepared so your next trip goes smoothly.

How do I find a passport?

A passport is an official government-issued identification document that proves your citizenship and identity. To maintain strong national security, you need to carry one when traveling internationally. It is also required for many travel destinations, including international cruises and commercial flights.

You can either get your passport from the designated offices or apply online and let a reliable agency handle it for you. In any case, arrange it beforehand so you can manage other travel shenanigans peacefully.

How do I pack for international travel?

Planning for international travel can be daunting. Luckily, there are several things you can do to ensure that your trip is fun and seamless:

  • What To Pack: The key to packing for success is preparation—especially when it comes to packing light. We recommend preparing an easy-to-follow checklist with only essential items appropriate for your destination. These include comfortable shoes, rain jackets (just in case), sunglasses (for sightseeing), and sunscreen.
  • How To Pack: The easiest way to pack is by rolling clothes instead of folding them since it takes up less space in suitcases/backpacks/duffel bags etc.) You should also consider whether or not any electronic devices need charging before leaving home so they’re ready when needed later on during the journey.

How do I get through customs quickly?

If you’re nervous about going through customs with the right paperwork and not asking any questions, don’t worry—just do it. Customs officers are people too, and they like helping people who are polite and respectful of their job. Using your manners can seriously make a difference in how quickly you move through customs without any hassles or delays.

It’s also important to remember that being rude will get you nowhere fast when traveling internationally. So make sure you have your documents together before arriving at the airport or seaport (if traveling by boat), then relax and enjoy your trip.

What can I do about jet lag?

Jet lag is a real thing, and it can make you miserable. To minimize your symptoms, try these tips:

  • Get enough sleep before leaving for your trip. For example, if traveling from the US to Asia, get at least six hours of sleep before boarding the plane.
  • Try to sleep on the plane if possible. If you’re lucky enough not to have trouble sleeping while flying, this can help minimize jet lag.
  • Try drinking water and eating healthy meals at normal times while on vacation—that is, when they would normally be eaten at home. Don’t eat foods that aren’t typical for where you are to keep your body clock running smoothly during your travels.

What is the best place to get money when you travel?

There are a few options for getting money while you’re on the road.

You can use your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, but this will entail extra fees and possibly foreign transaction fees.

Credit cards can be good for larger purchases, flights, car rentals, and hotels as they often come with additional perks (like rewards points). In some cases, having a credit card with no foreign transaction fee may also make sense so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for every purchase made in a different country.


It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about your first trip abroad. But if you prepare for the unexpected and know the facts about what to expect when traveling, you can make it a smooth and enjoyable experience.