Three Reasons Designer Handbags Are Worth the Cost


Designer handbags not only look fabulous; they are an investment that pays for itself. Yes, it’s easy to look at the price tag and scoff, but if you can afford to pay for a well-crafted handbag, you will not regret it. In fact, you’ll probably end up saving money over the long term, and as a bonus, you’ll look more stylish too.

There are many reasons to invest in a high-quality, designer handbag. It doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new. One of the perks of designer pieces is their durability, so you can find a great variety of used designer bags in perfect conditions. Here are three to consider.

  • Presentation and style.
  • Materials and craftsmanship.
  • Customer service.

These are the key factors to consider when investing in a beautiful, well-made bag.

Style Matters

A beautifully designed handbag makes a statement about its owner. For example, Oroton designer bags are uniquely Australian. When someone sees an Oroton handbag, it looks classic, fresh, and modern. These bags convey a natural glamour, and women who carry one present that image too. Chic simplicity is a hallmark of this design house, and it speaks of both modernity and timelessness, not an easy thing to pull off. 

Creating your own style is important. The way you present yourself to the world is key to how you are perceived by others. Do you want to be known as an artsy bohemian? Find a funky bag made out of old leather, intermixed with unique textiles and fabrics. Are you wanting to convey yourself as a serious professional? A classic, well-made bag will immediately cast you in that light.

Ultimately it’s about quality design and materials, and if chosen correctly, they will cast the image you want to project.

Durability for The Win

A well-made designer bag will last for years. The higher quality materials will take a beating and still look new. Contrast that with a cheap, vinyl bag you found at a discount store. It might resemble the authentic version found in a boutique, but that’s where the similarity ends. Often these cheap imitation bags fall apart after only a few uses. Would it even be worth repairing?

Designer handbags are tough, but in the unlikely event they are damaged, a cobbler can repair it for a reasonable amount. That same cobbler would shake his head at your designer rip-off bag and tell you it’s not worth repairing.

Due to the quality of the materials used, a well-made bag will last for years. If you are replacing a cheap bag every few weeks, it adds up. Invest in a beautifully made one, and it pays for itself over time.

Brand Name Customer Service

Luxury brands stand firmly behind the products they sell. Virtually every item comes with a money back guarantee, complimentary repairs, or both. Why do they do this? Because they care about their customers.

For example, one woman purchased a handbag from a reputable, French design house, but it was an item that was discontinued soon after she bought it. Due to an unfortunate accident, it was ripped beyond repair. She was sure they wouldn’t do anything to repair or replace it, but she called them anyway. Imagine her surprise to find a gift card from the design house for the purchase price in her mail box later that week. 

Now imagine the maker of your cheap knock-off doing the same. You can’t, because it won’t happen. The customer service of reputable fashion designers is top notch. They want you to be happy, and will do whatever they can to ensure you will be a repeat customer.

Adding it All Up

Purchasing cheap bags every few months adds up to a lot of money over time. They aren’t repairable, and most are not guaranteed. Spending the money upfront for a beautiful, well-made bag ends up costing less in the long run. They also give you exactly what you are looking for- a high quality product that’s practical, luxurious, and visually stunning. Make the smart decision, and invest in a designer handbag.