Timeless Watches from Rolex


A woman who understands the importance of wearing a wristwatch in today’s technology driven day and age is seen as a lady of substance. Wearing a decadent watch shows that you value your time as well as that of others; it instantly puts you in the category of people to look out for. And there’s no better companion to do so than with a Rolex.

Rightly called the pioneer of luxurious timekeeping, Rolex is more than a brand – it brings with it a legacy of more than a 100 years. With continuous innovation in the smallest details of product development, Rolex watches have cemented their status as royalty of the watch world. The other contributing factor to the success of Rolex is its reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy watchmaker, creating truly timeless watches, crafted to absolute perfection.

Especially in recent years, the world-renowned brand has taken a front seat as the pioneer for building awe-worthy timepieces designed especially for women. Rolex watches for women are timeless, evergreen and simultaneously adaptive to the changing tastes and needs of today’s women. Retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques are well known for offering a wide collection of Rolex watches, with something to suit everyone’s personality.

No matter the changing date, a Rolex is forever. It’ll feel just as exquisite and immaculate decades down the line as it does today. Here’s a look at our top picks for timeless watches for women by the king of timekeeping:

  • Rolex Pearlmaster 39

The crown jewel of Rolex watches for women, Pearlmaster 39 features softly curved lines that are characteristic to the Pearlmaster series. It is carefully crafted in 18ct everose gold, exclusively patented by Rolex to preserve the splendour of its pink gold watches. What makes it even more unique is its vibrant aubergine-coloured dial and wonderful setting of diamonds. The gorgeous timepiece is strapped in with the Pearlmaster bracelet, created in 1992 for the launch of the original model. It is fitted with a crownclasp to ensure maximum ease and comfort.

  • Rolex Datejust 36

The Datejust series by Rolex is made for the modern woman with a vintage heart. Its aesthetic appeal and form transcends boundaries of time, making it a popular pick among women both old and young. Globally recognised, iconic features of the Datejust have become pillars of the collection, successfully carrying it through the test of time. The silver dial of the Datejust 36 is designed with unbelievable precision and comes with distinctive hour markers fashion from 18ct gold. The design of the jubilee bracelet – an easy to wear, flexible five-piece link metal bracelet – is simple, clean yet so sophisticated. With its elegant aesthetics and modern appeal, the Datejust 36 is ideal for everyday use. Its timeless feel can never go out of style, making it feel fresh even decades from today.

  • Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

There are some watches that catch your heart the minute you set your eyes on them, Lady-Datejust 28 is one of them. The luxurious timepiece by Rolex is breathtaking in its design, modern in its form and truly timeless in its feel. It is crafted from 18ct rolesor gold, a Rolex signature in use since the early 1930s. The mother-of-pearl dial by its very origin is full of excitement and mystery. Based on the source, it can be white, pink or yellow in colour and may also differ in structure and intensity depending on which part of the shell is extracted. Rolex never uses artificial colour for its mother-of-pearl dials; its natural distinctiveness is instead celebrated. In other words, your Datejust 28 is going to be unlike any other in the world – perfect in its imperfections just like every one of us. This is what makes the wristwatch a must-have for you and the ideal heirloom to pass over generations.

No matter which one of these Rolex watches catches your fancy, a Rolex by its very nature is timeless and will always be in vogue.