Tiny Designs – 6 Tips for Adding a Dash of Style to Your Small Spaces

image via dettydesign.cafeblog.hu

If you live in a teeny tiny house or apartment, it can feel like your interior design options are severely limited. This is because it’s tricky to create space where there is none. We all have so many possessions these days that even larger rooms can end up looking cluttered, so how are you supposed to transform an itty bitty one?

Well, it is more than possible.

You’ve just got to get creative and start thinking outside the box. You are not limited by the physical space that you have because modern storage solutions, furniture, and décor are highly flexible. Plus, bespoke designs are more affordable than ever. It means that you can add your signature style to even the narrowest of spaces.

Keep reading for some tips on the best ways to decorate and transform small spaces.

Pick the Right Sizes

Part of the problem is the fact that many homeowners don’t size their design choices correctly. The popularity of bespoke and made to measure furniture has created a whole market for smaller, diminutive products. One of these timeless Victorian fireplaces, for example, is a great way to add and elegance and beauty. It doesn’t overtake the space because it is sized to fit the dimensions of the room.

Multifunctional Pieces

You can pack more into a small home by investing in furniture which provides multiple functions. So, an adjustable table can be used as a regular coffee table in a small lounge, but it can also be raised for use as a dining table. That way, you’re not compromising on the comfort of the space and you’re still getting all of the furniture that you need.

Pull Out Surfaces

Whether you’re lacking surfaces in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the study; you can create more by incorporating pull out benchtops or desks. They are very simple and just roll out on a track rail, much like many office desks do. The beauty of pull out cutting boards, computer stands, and writing desks is that you can tuck them away in seconds.

Plenty of Mirrors

The addition of mirrored surfaces to create the illusion of space is an age old trick.

It might not physically increase the amount of room in your home, but it will make it feel larger. If possible, position several mirrors so that they even reflect one another. The visual effect of repeating rooms will open up the space and stop it from feeling poky or cramped.

Let the Light In

The more light that you allow to flood into the space, the bigger and more comfortable it will feel. This isn’t always easy, particularly if you’re overlooked by taller buildings in a big city, but there are some clever tricks. For a cramped kitchen, add a stable style door. You can open up the top half and let natural daylight in while you cook or prepare breakfast in the mornings.

Invest in Slimline

When you’re shopping for furniture, focus on items, which are narrower and taller than they are wide. Think spindly legs, slimline cabinets, and compact appliances. Where possible, try to avoid furniture which sits directly on the ground. Even small legs can create the illusion of space, because they are leaving some beneath the item. Squat, square cabinets and drawers are visually bulky.

Why Tiny Doesn’t Have to Mean Terrible

As populations continue to grow at a rapid rate, we’re now seeing more people living in tiny little houses. Just look at the amount of architectural awards which now exist specifically to celebrate space saving designs. Compact is becoming a trend of its own, so there’s no reason to settle for less than fabulous. You might have to spend more time planning and shopping for great pieces, but they are out there.