Tiny Homes Are Perfect For Everyone


The tiny home craze is huge–gigantic, actually. These little houses allow people to save money because they need less furniture and they use less electricity. The houses heat faster, so you can even save money on heat.

Tiny home and tiny apartments are proving to be enough space for even big families. It all depends on placement, both of people and of items needed in the home. Smaller living quarters will mean that you need to have less items.

Are you ready to let go of things like a king size bed, or your library of books? For some people small home living can seem like a punishment, while for others it is a dream come true.

While tiny homes can work great in any climate, they are better suited to areas with warmer weather throughout most of the year. This is mainly because, especially with larger families, you will be spending a lot of your time outside enjoying nature instead of cooped up in the house.

Why Go Tiny?

On top of the ability to save money and to adopt a minimalist lifestyle that also allows money saving opportunities, these little houses are adorable. People are making them out of storage units, old silos and more.

Who doesn’t want to live in a cute and creative home? It seems like the ideal living space for anyone with a creative mind. Your tiny home could be your inspiration as a writer or an artist.

The Inside

The inside of your home will definitely need a special touch, if you’re going tiny. You’re not going to have room for a couch, two reclining chairs, a dining room table, and a full sized kitchen.

Even some kitchen cabinets Orange County residents have implemented show that many different designs work great no matter the size of your home. California definitely fits into one of the ideal places for having a tiny home, where you can enjoy the outdoors on a nice day and not have to fight feet of snow.

The Outside

You may want to expand your living and dining room to the outside, to ensure you don’t have a cramped living space inside. Buy outdoor furniture for a nice deck or patio area, and maybe have a picnic table with a canopy over it for meals.

A nice outdoor lounge chair can be the perfect place to read a book. Instead of board games and video games that keep kids indoors, opt for things like volley ball and badminton games that can be set up outside.

Living In A Small Apartment

If you have a tiny apartment you may not be able to utilize the outdoors as much. You’ll need to learn how to balance your space. Instead of a dining room table, maybe opt for dinner trays.

Instead of having your television on a TV stand, get a wall anchor to mount it and use some of that wall space, leaving some extra floor space for kids or pets to move and play.

Not only does small living save you money, but you will also learn how to be better organized. Plus, you just might realize that all the things people get attached to just don’t mean as much as time with family and happiness do!