Top 5 DIY Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


The best gifts are those that are handcrafted with great love and fondness for the bearer. It brings the receiver immense joy and excitement to receive a gift like this. In a sentence, there could be nothing better than crafting and sending away DIY gifts. On a side and guilty note, they also save money used on lavish products and items that your friend or partner may or may not like. 


Not everybody is a genius creative from birth, and you don’t even have to be one to create exquisite DIY gifts that are going to be loved by your recipients. Be it, Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, the following DIY gifts work great for any occasion:

Decorative Keychain

Keychains are the most usable gifts, and they are highly adorned too. You can do a lot of things with your keychain that is equally easy and exquisite. All keys need keychains to help relocate them, and some can also be used on backpacks and handbags for added flair. You can create a simple keychain with a unique fabric and maybe add a few laminated animations as well. If your recipient is a girl, you can use a cute little doll and some fluff balls to make a charming keychain out of it.

Bath Items

These days the best gifts are some items that can be associated with a bath to make it more relaxing and spa-like. You can make anything from nicely scented bath bombs and essential oil soaks. These products only need a few items blended in together and formed in shapes with ice cube trays to whichever silhouette you like. And then you can place them in cute jars or boxes and finish them up with a ribbon or two to create the best usable gift ever. 


Greenery is essential and boosts the overall wellbeing of a house. Whether your friend harbors plants at their home or not, giving them a planter can be a fantastic gift. You can create this planter from scratch using cement for an endearing yet natural pot. Or buy a wooden or plastic planter and decorate it with paint and different articles like rope, stones, and anything else you think can look good. Don’t forget to add a lovely plant to it.

Photo Gifts

There’s nothing more decadent than a DIY gift that provides a cherished memory. A photo gift can be excellent for a close friend or spouse to help them commemorate a moment with you and remember you at all times. This gift can be anything from a coaster to a quoted photo frame. All you have to do is get the most memorable picture of them and take it to a good caliber gift shop to get it printed on anything you like. Choose a reliable vendor, for example, 365Canvas: Custom Photo Gifts – Turn Favorite Photos Into Gifts that have great options and a name in the market.

Jarred Goods

Edible products and goods can be unique for creating DIY gifts. They may take some time and practice but are the best to offer as a present to any person with a sweet tooth or not. These days jarred good are trending for giving to any close family member or friend. For instance, you can create a brownie jar by following a simple recipe on the internet or place good quality coffee beans in one if your recipient is a caffeine lover. There are endless things you can put in a jar to give it as a present that will be appreciated.