Top things to do in Faro, Portugal in 48 hours


It is not accidental that European and international travellers agree that Portugal is a top summer destination straight out of a fairytale. Stunning towns brimmed with history and natural beauty make lucky visitors fall in love with everything that this country has to offer. Exploring Portugal is a blessing. But not visiting Faro is a sin. The top things to do in Faro, Portugal in 48 hours are enough to make you have the time of your life and promise that you will come back next year. 

Arriving in Faro

By Train

The extensive railway network makes travelling throughout the whole country easier. You can easily get on a train from the most popular Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Porto, and arrive in Faro.

By Coach

If you are in Portugal or in Spain for holidays, you shouldn’t miss the chance to book a coach ticket and visit Faro. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. 

By Plane

Last but not least, flying is another excellent option for arriving in Faro. Faro Airport welcomes travellers from major European cities and is well-connected to the city centre and other popular Algarve destinations. 

Getting to Faro Airport

How can I hire a car at Faro Airport?

Besides buses and taxis, travellers can access car hire services so that they can not only arrive at the city centre but also explore the whole area at their own pace. There is a huge variety of cars, so everyone will find the perfect vehicle for themselves and their travel companions. 

Where can I hire a car at Faro Airport? 

Travellers, who care about not spending a whole fortune on car hire, should check out Affordable car hire deals for all types of vehicles at Faro Airport are showcased in a clear and easy-to-compare way. You can complete the entire car hire process online from evaluating the available options to booking your preferred deal. The trusted platform and the reliable customer service makes hiring a car in Faro through Holiday Cars the easiest travel arrangement ever. 

Top Things to Do in Faro, Portugal in 48 Hours

You may think that 2 days are not enough to get to know Faro, and you are right. However, it is sufficient time to get a good taste of the city and have fun. So, what are the top things to do in Faro in 48 hours? 

Wandering around the Old Town 

You can travel back in time by strolling through cobblestone streets and admiring the traditional Portuguese architecture of Faro’s Old Town. The Faro Cathedral and the Arco da Vila are historic attractions in that part of the city that you mustn’t miss. 

Enjoy the view from the Faro Marina

If you are in a romantic mood, you should take a stroll along the marina and enjoy drinks and meals at the waterfront coffee shops and restaurants. The view of the Atlantic Ocean and the African coast is breathtaking. 

Swimming in crystal-clear waters

Faro is an ideal summer destination because it is in close proximity with stunning beaches. Don’t leave Faro without diving and sunbathing at Ilha de Faro and Praia de Faro.