Transforming Your Garden Into the Perfect Summer Haven


As summer approaches, our attention is turning to our somewhat neglected gardens. Winter can really occupy several outdoor spaces, but fortunately, it’s easy to get your garden back on track for a great summer spent chilling outside.

If you’re not the green-fingered sort, try asking a professional such as MyLawnCare Brisbane. If you’re a DIY expert, or just fancy getting your hands dirty, read on!


Know what you’re doing.

The first thing to do is to make a solid plan for your garden project. This is especially important if you’re working on a tight time frame and budget. Draw out a plan (it doesn’t have to be good!) for what you want your garden to be, and make a list of what you need to make that happen. This will also help you estimate how much your garden will cost, and also figure out anything you can keep or reuse from your current garden setup.

Maximize a small space.

If your garden is small or long and thin, one great way to make it look special is to divide it into sections. You can use a trellis, paving, or even hedging if you’d like, but be aware that ready-made hedges are expensive, and the not-ready-made ones take a few years to grow. Creating dividing lines also allows you to experiment with cool plants and bold colors, as you can even turn a trellis into a whole wall of greenery.

These ‘vertical gardens’ can also be really helpful for gardens with smaller ground space or minimal grassy areas, as they are super low-maintenance and add all the greenery, lushness, and color you want, without having to do huge amounts of work to remove concrete and lay grass. If your garden is fenced or walled in, adding a vertical garden can help cover any less-than-beautiful spots.   

Think off-center.

Perfectly symmetrical spaces often look smaller than they are, so when you’re planning your garden, think about arranging things slightly off-center. This will help the eye to travel and make your space feel much bigger.

Focus, focus, focus.

Creating a focal point for your garden adds tons of impact, and can even help draw the eye away from less-than-perfect spots. For smaller gardens, stunning plants in containers or rows work really well (the containers may all be of the same material or color for even more punch), or add water features for bigger gardens with more space. You can also use tiered planters, which are a really easy way to add height and dimension.

Add a shed.

If you have space, adding a storage shed to your garden won’t only give you somewhere to keep furniture and garden accessories safe when they’re not being used, keeping your garden looking neater and tidier, but it’s also proven to be the garden feature that adds the most value to a home. If this summer might be your last in your current home because you’re planning to move, add a shed for maximum return on investment.

Have a great summer!