10 Unique And Impressive Kitchen Countertop Designs


One way to make your kitchen look less boring is to add some interesting and eye-catching countertop. That can be achieved by choosing some unusual design in terms of shape or maybe made of some unconventional materials. Below, we have chosen several Unique and Impressive Kitchen Countertop Designs, to show you how the unconventional look of the countertop can give a whole new look to your kitchen.

The most common countertop designs are the rectangular and oval ones. But still you can find some designs that doesn’t have a particular shape, but can have some unusual cuts. Also they can be multi-functional consisting of several extendable surfaces that can give a whole new look and function of the countertop. For instance they can have an extendable surface, that you can pull out only when you want to use it and after that put it back and have the usual countertop. And when it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop you can choose between various of them, including  stainless steel, marble, glass, copper, concrete with certain decorative aggregates, and reclaimed wood.

Designers choose to add colors to a concrete countertops  by adding a crushed blend of recycled glass or shell remnants to wet concrete. Also glass countertops can be quite eye-catching, because they match perfectly with some interesting LED lighting. For instance, choose some the color of the lights to match with the color of the kitchen cabinets or maybe opt for some contrasting color and make your kitchen countertop the focus of your kitchen. Scroll down now to see our photo collection of several unique and impressive kitchen countertop designs and choose which one you would like to have as part of your kitchen. Enjoy!

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They all look fascinating, right? What you need to consider first when choosing the right countertop design for your kitchen is the space available. If there is more of it, then you won’t find it to difficult to find one. But if the space is the problem into your kitchen, then we advice you to opt for some space saving kitchen countertop, for instance,  one with extendable surfaces and drawers that can serve as a storage place, a place for preparing food and maybe even like tiny bar, where you can have a quick meal.

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