Warm DIY Yarn Home Decor Inspired By The Cold Weather


Autumn is already here and as much we hate to admit the sun and the hot weather won’t be back anytime soon. The Warm DIY Yarn Home Decor Inspired By The Cold Weather are going to grab all of your attention. I bet that you would love to recreate some of the designs since they are going to make your interiors look warmer, more comfortable and inviting. You can make these crafts out of the yarn that you didn’t use last year, or get some new ones cause anyway you are going to knit yourselves a sweater or a scarf. Check them out and see which idea you like the most!

If you got bored with the look of your old lamp, it’s time to update it with this simple craft that won’t require you using tons of money. All you need is some wool, so what are you waiting for? Create this ombre look in just 5 minutes!

Image via ideastand.com

What do you think about this cool yarn wreath? It’s a craft that is quite simple to make and it’s great for those who think that they don’t have good skills.

Image via swiateczneinspiracje.info

Are you a fan of the woolen pom pom balls? This playful and eye-catching chandeliers is just a few steps away from you. Give it a try!

Image via artbarblog.com

Do you like the playful look of tassels? You can make them super easily and quickly and add them anywhere you like. They will work perfectly well together with the modern letter decoration that you just got.

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You can add yarn pretty much everywhere. All you have to do is to think creatively and come up with different ideas that will make your home more fun and interesting.

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Pine cones can be find in many homes at this time of the year, and they seem to stay for the winter too. Why don’t you add a unique touch to them by decorating them with yarn in different colors? In this why it will make your home more cheerful and interesting, and they will become so eye-catching that everyone’s going to notice them!

Image via tipbox.co.il

The pom-pom balls have really the power to make everything appear more fun. If you think your place has become monotonous, it’s a sign that you should get down to work and make this craft on your own. Then, hang it pretty much everywhere you like and enjoy the colors and the warm feeling that will give you.

Image via brit.co
Image via brit.co

Get a canvas, nails and yarn and express your artistic skills. It’s a fun project that you will enjoy doing it, believe me!

Image via cremedelacraft.com

The knife, fork and spoon can look completely when wrapped in yarn. This is a great idea for those old cold winter gatherings.

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Wrap the empty bottles and yarn and get some outstanding flower vases,

Image via ideesgiaolagr.blogspot.mk

Would you like to recreate these hanging yarn designs? I just love the colors and the playfulness they bring to the interior. Which is your favorite DIY project from the ones you saw here? Keep me posted in the comments below!

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