Ways to Make Your Home a Dog-Friendly Environment


Many people love dogs and want to have them as a part of their family. However, not all homes are dog-friendly because they don’t have the right furniture or flooring. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can make your home a dog-friendly environment so that you can welcome with open arms your new pup!

Your Dog’s Personal Space

Your dog’s personal space is a place where your dog can go to get away from the chaos of family life. This may be a bed, an area on the floor, or even a crate. Your dog needs her haven for relaxation when he wants it! A comfortable den gives him some peace which will make his overall well-being better in general. If you get a barking dog to quiet down you can start by providing them with their own private space. Dogs often feel the need to defend their territory, which includes everything within smell distance of where they are sitting/laying at any given moment (this is known as the “home zone”). This means that if you let your dog into your house and then he lays down on the sofa or in his crate, this will be considered his personal space – regardless of whether it’s inside or outside! 

So how do you teach him not to bark when someone comes around? The most important thing is for everyone who lives in the home to agree on rules about barking so there aren’t different expectations between members of your family. You should also explain new rules using. Remember that dogs are social animals so let your pup curl up on a cushion next to you whenever she wants to!

Your Dog’s Food and Water Bowls

Don’t leave food and water out all day long. Your dog will eat when she’s hungry, so don’t worry if you’re not around to feed her three times a day. Just make sure that both of your dogs’ bowls are taken away before bedtime (when they should be empty). Also, remember to clean the bowl after every meal! Dirty dishes attract germs that can be harmful to your pup. If the dog is old enough he might start stealing food from his housemate’s dish. This won’t hurt him but it may upset his buddy and lead to potential problems later on in life like resource guarding between them over their respective personal space. Make sure everyone who feeds the dog puts down fresh water at least once a day.

Toys and Chews

When it comes to toys and chews, keep them unique. If your dog is a heavy chewer, nylon bones aren’t going to last long. Give him some rubber chew treats instead! There are even flavored ones that will make his breath smell better too! For the toy lovers of the world, get creative with what you give your pup. Hide little pieces of cheese or peanut butter in old socks for a fun game of tug-of-war! Make sure he has more than one so you can switch out while they’re being washed from all of the slobber on them after playtime sessions. Try giving different types every day/week depending on how quickly they go through each toy before getting bored.

Bedding and Litter Box

Another key point to keep in mind is the fact that dogs are not naturally very clean animals. They do not have a fastidious nature, preferring instead to roll around and rub against things they find interesting or tasty-smelling. If you want your dog’s bedding area indoors be sure it has been washed regularly with unscented laundry detergent using warm water. This will help ensure that there are no odors which might tempt your pup into making some changes of its own! Also, if possible provide more than one place for him to sleep so he can choose between sleeping on his old recliner or his new couch cushion.

Be sure you don’t use perfumed pet litter products as these scents can make your dog sick. If you need to use scented products in your litter box, try mixing it with unscented litter or by using an automated catbox that cleans itself for odor control. The last thing to remember is that dogs are creatures of habit and will instinctively seek out places they feel safe when nature calls. Providing a small area near where he eats his meals might be the best option if he lacks access to outdoor space or prefers not to go outside during bad weather. Keep this part of their crate clean at all times so accidents don’t happen!

Dogs are known for being very social creatures. They love to be around people and other animals, so if you want your dog to have a great time when they stay at home while you’re away it is important that the environment in which they are staying is one that welcomes them with open arms!