What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality?


Gone are the days when a clapped out banger is the go-to for a first car. You are more likely to encounter a swish, all singing, all dancing Tesla at the traffic lights, or the next finely tuned sports car might make an appearance as you cruise the M4. 

Our cars say an awful lot about our personality. From the family-friendly SUV to the luxurious Mercedes A-Class, our status and personality are all tied up in the vehicles we choose. 


So let’s take a moment to appreciate everyone from the hatchback enthusiast to the esteemed saloon driver:

The aspiring petrolhead

So you like to go fast, standout in a crowd and just happen to own a sports car? Driving is your jam, and my goodness do you get a kick out of the attention! Owning anything from the classic Porsche 911 to the BMW i8 has ticked your life’s driving-related goals. 

Status mixed with financial success all sits nicely alongside you and your pride and joy. Any chance you get, showing off your metal beauty turns heads and is an instant crowd pleaser. 

Safety first!

The rise of the practical and yet versatile SUV (sports utility vehicle) cannot go unnoticed. With the driver’s seat raised higher than your standard car, you can have the advantage when it comes to visibility. 

Perfect for Mums-on-the-run with its spacious and family-friendly interiors, there’s a lot to be said about the SUV. Known for their sturdiness and flair for safety, it’s no wonder why the SUV became the emblem for cautious drivers. 

The rising star

No longer the symbol of 17-year-old racer boys, the hatchback has come a long way in recent years. Still a favourite amongst first time drivers, the Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta and the Peugeot 206 come up trumps with their small, non-threatening designs. 

Perfect for gaining confidence on the roads, and fitting into some tighter spots, the hatchback is tiny but mighty! With a range of finance options available, including car finance for poor credit, the hatchback is one of the more affordable vehicles on the market.

The professional

Sleek, stylish and a fan of lane hopping, we can’t be talking about anyone other than the classic Audi A4 driver. Like all saloon-style vehicles in this class, the driver often exudes an air of professionalism by day, and an almost aggressive driving style by night. When you are behind the wheel, you mean business!

Comfortable to drive and offering powerful performance behind the wheel, it’s no wonder that the likes of Audi and BMW have had the impact they have on the industry. 

Status, power and urban life

Once an esteemed vehicle for farmers, the Land Rover Discovery has become a status icon for city drivers. There is absolutely nothing subtle about the Discovery’s design. It is powerful, and owning one reflects where you sit in the world. 

Why anyone living in a city needs a 4-wheeled drive is beyond me, but there you have it!

A fan of the outdoors

Caked in mud and adorning your last venture out on your kayak, you spend most of your free time on the waves or out in the wild. Your VW Caravelle is your home away from home, and if you had it your way, the off-grid lifestyle would be your everyday pursuit.

Adventure seeker by day, and wanting nothing more than to lie beneath the stars at night, you are living the dream. 

Longer vehicle, more to load

Anyone who has ever pulled up alongside an estate car may spot a few staple things. First, that is an impeccable way to load your golfing equipment, and how on earth did you manage to fit so much on your roof rack?

The classic Skoda Octavia may not scream sex appeal, but my goodness you can basically fit your whole house inside of one for your weekend away! For those than rate practicality over style, the estate is your swan song. 

Environmentally friendly

No-one has much left to scoff at with the electric vehicle (EV). Since Elon Musk arrived on the scene in the mid-2000s, the electric motor industry has never been so exciting. Continuously pushing the boundaries of battery technology and preparing for the zero-emissions world, the EV is here to stay. 

Still, when Karen comes driving along in her Prius, there still might be some visible traits of the eco-warrior left! For those simply wanting to embrace the future, revving up your Nissan Leaf or Tesla is where we’re all headed anyway. So why not jump on the bandwagon too?

From the sleek, professional saloon to the muddy treads of the Caravelle, your car says a lot about you! Are you ready to buck the trend?