What is chocolate frosting and how to choose it?


Chocolate always makes us happy,  and the same can be said for chocolate frosting as well.

It’s  one of the most widely applied chocolate products in dessert preparation. There are many delicious treats that won’t be the same without chocolate frosting.  

With the addition of chocolate frosting you can make any dessert even more delicious, creamy and interesting. It’s the perfect final ingredient to your baked desserts that will complement their taste.

 Chocolate frosting has so many applications in confectionery. It is used for crafting cakes, donuts, muffins, biscuits, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, sundae, fudge,  profiteroles, layered dips and other types of desserts in all shapes and sizes. The famous Austrian cake Sacher torte is also prepared with it. 

What is chocolate frosting?

Chocolate frosting (sometimes called icing) is a chocolate buttercream that is made with a softened butter mixed together with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, milk or liquid cream and vanilla. 

It’s used for the decoration of different types of desserts as it can be sprinkled on top of desserts, used for covering fruits such as strawberries or used on its own to add layers to different desserts.

But you should know that there is a difference between frosting and icing. The first is characterized by a thick and fluffy consistency, and it’s mainly used for coating the outside and the inner layers of a cake or a dessert.

Chocolate icing on the other hand has a fine and glossy texture. It’s used mostly for creating small and detailed chocolate decorations on cakes and desserts.

Chocolate frosting can be either store-bought or home-made and when it’s commercially produced, it  contains more additional ingredients. This gives it a perfect texture and makes it last long.

 Besides the main ingredients it can also contain corn starch, vegetable oil, gum arabic or xanthan gum, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavours, colourings and different preservatives and stabilizers.

It’s not very complicated to make your own chocolate frosting. You need to use very soft butter, sifted cocoa powder and powdered sugar. The thickness  can be adjusted with an additional amount of milk or powdered sugar. 

Depending on your  goal and the type of dessert you want to use it for, your chocolate frosting mixture needs to be either thick or liquid. It can be blended together with whipped cream or custard in the creation of different desserts to achieve a rich taste.

If you want it to keep its shape, it needs to have a thick consistency. And if you want to be able to spread it easily on a cake, the frosting should have thin and fine consistency.

If you want to buy a premium quality chocolate product, you should know what are its characteristic features.

There are some specific signs that can help you tell if a frosting is of high or low-quality.

How to recognize quality chocolate frosting?

Its quality depends on the quality of the separate ingredients used in its creation.

Premium quality chocolate frosting is made with high-quality chocolate that is no less than 70%.  It should have a dark colour and smooth, shiny and dense texture that is also a little bit moist. Its flavour reminds of a rich dark chocolate .

Quality chocolate frosting should have a spreadable texture which makes it perfect for covering tender desserts such as cupcakes.

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