What trades do I need for a complete kitchen renovation?


At some point during your home ownership you will want to renovate the kitchen. It is generally considered to be the heart of the house and the most popular room to renovate.

But, it is also one of the biggest jobs you can undertake; apart from renovating a basement or adding an extension.

Unless you are a very experienced DIYer and have plenty of time on your hands you will need to get several trades in to help complete your kitchen renovation:

The Joiner

There are many joinery firms which can help you but it is best to choose one that has experience in kitchen design; such as SJD.

You can purchase cupboards and counter tops for your local DIY store. However, they will never fit or look quite as good as a bespoke kitchen designed for you by a joiner.

Even if you do opt for the store designed cupboards you’ll find it beneficial to have a joiner ready to install them and the counter tops. This will ensure you get a flawless finish.


You’re almost certainly going to move the socket locations and perhaps change the light in your remodeled kitchen.

In fact it is highly likely that you will want to replace your appliances; adding electrical sockets is possible for the competent DIYer but a professional is generally a safer bet.

They can also run in extra circuits and connect an electric cooker directly to the mains. These are not things you want to be doing yourself.


If you’re remodeling a kitchen then you’re going to be taking out the sink and replacing it; or perhaps even moving it.

This means adjusting your current plumbing arrangements.

Water and electricity do not mix well but both are in the kitchen. It is best to get professional help to ensure that you get the plumbing right.

Not only will this ensure your appliances are exactly where you want them, it will also ensure there are no leaks. You may be surprised at how much a single drip can cost you over the course of a year.

Plumbers can also deal with any gas you have in your home; this must be done by a suitably qualified person; you can’t just do it yourself.

Stone Mason

This will not always be required but if you are hoping to have a stone counter top then you’ll need the help of a professional stone mason. You simply have no chance of producing the same effect without them!


Kitchens need to have splash backs to protect the walls when using the sink or the stove. This is often done through the use of tiles and you may wish to consider having a tiler on hand to do this for you. It can be difficult to get a high quality finish when you try to do it yourself the professional makes it look easy.

It is also worth noting that if you choose to do the work yourself you may need a laborer to help you complete the task. It is also possible that the walls will need to be re-dry lined; a professional can help you with this.