What’s so good about solid wood floors? The facts about Solid Wood Floors


Solid wood flooring is a very popular type of flooring. In comparison to other flooring types like laminate, tiles and carpets, I would say it tops them. To prove this to you I’m going to take you through some facts about solid wood flooring that will have you considering installing one right away.


What is solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is carpentered wood cut and made into panelled flooring. You can make solid wood flooring from various types of wood such as beech, oak, maple and many others. Bamboo is another solid wood type, though it is technically a grass.


It has deep and diverse colouring

Solid wood floors fade, dip and swirl in the most gorgeous way. The depth and colour that a solid wood floor can offer far exceeds the limitations of laminate flooring. The tone of a gorgeous solid wood floor will instantly make a room feel tasteful and important. This dark wood flooring with thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com exudes warmth and style. Whereas a light wood flooring will brighten a home instantaneously.


Solid wood ages like a fine wine

Like a fine wine or a smooth leather jacket, solid wood floor ages beautifully. If you go with a laminate, you’re more likely to get chips and scratches in your floor. It’s almost unfair but solid wood floors when they do get a kink or a buff look even more distinguished than before. A scratch on a solid wood floor looks so much cooler than one on a laminate.



Stains aren’t a big issue

A carpet will get stained the millisecond a drop of red wine hits it. A solid wood floor will not. Get a kitchen towel, wipe it up as soon as possible and the stain, along with your worries will be cleaned away!


The sound and feel is comforting

When walking on tiles you get that ice cold slap with every tread. On a solid wood floor you will make hardly any noise and the feeling of walking on the wood is comfortable. The occasional creak of a floorboard may wake a dormouse but everyone else will stay peaceful.


Your dog and/or cat will be happier

Dogs and cats do not like laminate flooring, especially in the cases of young or geriatric pooches. They just cannot get the grip.  A solid wood floor will give them steady footing. If you do install hardwood floors in rooms where pets stay be wary of their claws. Be sure to keep them trim and avoid them scratching your floor.


Increase the value of your home

This is the kind of information every home owner and developer wants to hear. It is probably the best benefit of fitting a solid wood floor. If your hard wood floor fits in the theme your house, is well made and well fitted, then the value of your home could be increased. Laminate flooring and carpets will be unlikely to raise the sale price of your home, so get a solid wood floor and reap the benefits!