What’s In and What’s Out in Teenage Fashion


So, what’s in and what’s out this year in teenage fashion? The great news is, almost anything and everything that you love is in. This is the season to express yourself and have a great time just being you! The word is that clothes that make you feel good, are bright and colorful, and are oh-so-comfortable are what’s cool right now.

First off, retro looks are hotter than ever. Not just from one decade: from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and even back to the 50s. What’s more, you can mix and match almost any of the styles. The Boho (Bohemian), gypsy, and flower child looks are as popular as they were years ago when your mom and grandma wore them. Mini, midi and maxi length skirts are trending with leather boots, heels, sandals and flats.


Accessories Rock

Accessories make the grade this season. Take some of the A+ styles at Emma & Roe, dangling earrings, updated charm bracelets, and glass beads… their colors and styles go with almost anything. It’s so easy to change up your look and wear something that’s totally unique. The latest jewelry is designed to make a statement. It’s almost impossible to go overboard. You can really have fun stacking on rings, adding great charms to your bracelet, and wearing some hippy-style symbols. We’re talking peace signs and dolphins!

Vintage Plus

Vintage styles, just like items mom has tucked away in her jewelry box are all the rage. Check out the local thrift shop for cotton wrap-skirts, peasant blouses and bell-bottoms pants! What’s more, clothes are worn a little looser than before (super tight is on the way out). Now you can really get comfortable in soft cottons, comfy jeans, tee shirts and hoodies, even your prom dress. And don’t be shy about layering… not just the accessories, your clothes too. Layer on sheers and lace, leather and imitation alligator, oversized shirts, crop tops, corduroy, graphic tees, plaid or floral prints. This year it’s even ok to mix and match patterns, so go a little crazy!

Super controlled and polished is out. It’s time to go wild, or sweet and feminine, or trendy in black silver and purple. It is up to you. Most importantly, find the look that is right for your taste. Look through online sites, fashion blogs and teen magazines to find the looks that you like. Chances are you will start to see a pattern… or not, but you’ll still get an idea of what you really like.

Get Comfy

Looser fitting clothes, floral designs, beautiful colors, and lightweight fabrics: these fashionable trends are original and exciting. Some of the top shades are grays, candy colors, neon brights, pastels, checks, and red plaid on almost everything. Floral Bohemian-style skirts and breezy sundresses are totally in. Sporty looks are top sellers, stripped shirts, loose shorts, wide legged jeans and white tennies. Oh yea, don’t forget to throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses and a cap. (Remember, the geek-look is trending too.)

The only thing that’s really out is trying to look like someone else. It’s time to relax, wear what you love and enjoy just being you!