Why Men’s Vintage Clothing Has Stood The Test of Time


Long-lasting, good quality materials, not attached to trends, and classic. If we asked about what defines a good piece of clothing, we would often see those previous words. And precisely those are the words that we use to describe vintage clothes.

However, we like brand new clothes because they are trendy, they shine, and they will improve our wardrobe. But time flies, and what used to be stylish isn’t anymore. And here is where vintage clothing makes its big entrance. Fine clothing that has proved that can last time, permanent, and classic. A piece of clothing that you will get bored of before it falls apart.

Hence, if we talk about vintage clothing, we talk about Relco London, a shop where you will find men’s vintage clothing online. We have found a great range of clothing, from timelessly suits and workwear to subcultural Vintage British Streetwear.

Clothing is more than a Trend

Fast fashion dictates everything we wear to the point where all we see are the trendiest fashion pieces being worn by practically everyone. Clothing is something personal and reflects someone’s individuality. So, seeing all your favourite clothes on everyone in your Instagram timeline may take away their exclusivity.  

We want to revive the experience of owning and wearing a truly unique piece of clothing, feeling that lost exclusiveness that comes with trends. That’s why Relco London stands for the fashionably bold and takes us on a trip through online vintage clothing with unique pieces rather than those clothes that everyone wears. 

The Test of Time

Good quality clothes stand the test of time because they are built to last, resist the worst conditions, and keep looking well over the years.

But why is that? 

Vintage clothing is made a lot more durable and longer-lasting. This is because the quality of the materials plays a large part in its functionality. We want clothes to be durable and stylish because we want them to last a few seasons or even years. It might be more expensive, but it’s worth it, it will last longer, and we will be able to wear those clothes more times.

Not to mention, vintage clothing is very exclusive. Vintage pieces are not mass-produced. Once it sells out, they’re gone. So, you can have a vintage piece of clothing that is not only durable and will last you a long time but is also exclusive. 

You won’t see your favourite vintage pieces on your Instagram timelines too easily. It’s a great feeling knowing that we own one of the limited produced pieces around.  

Classic Looks Never Die 

Vintage is well made timeless pieces that will not lose their value in any short amount of time. They will always look good regardless of the most recent trends that fast fashion has produced. 

A classic look will not go out of fashion and provides bold inspiration for those around you. While influencers on social media flaunt their trendy pieces through fashion hauls that ultimately damage the environment. 

Jumping from one trend to the next, wearing their trendy pieces once and forget about it. This is why classic and vintage last.   

Fashionably forward, individuals seek their exclusive vintage clothing’s value to inspire their unique fashion sense of identity and individuality.   

In summary, men’s vintage clothing has stood the test of time because of the quality that it is made of and its durability. They are timeless pieces that look good and can be worn time and time again regardless of the trends that surround them. They provide the individual with a sense of identity because clothing reflects our unique personalities as a form of self-expression. Having exclusive pieces made vintage clothing that much more precious.