Wonderful Step-By-Step Negative Space Nail Tutorials


One of the trendy patterns that you should try on your nails this spring is the negative space pattern. So, today we have searched around the web and have come up with a collection of several Wonderful Step-By-Step Negative Space Nail Tutorials in order to get you inspired to try this trendy pattern.

Negative space is a minimalist type of nail art, which can be again quite eye-catching. These type of nail designs doesn’t require any special skills from you, so you won’t find it difficult doing them by yourself. There are no certain rule for doing this type of nail designs because of the versatile ways for doing them. You can choose to do some stars, hearts, flowers,geometric patterns, half moons and anything else you would like to see on your nails. Besides the nail polish colors you choose, you may also want to use some washi tape or some striping tapes. They can help you achieve more precise negative space nail designs. Scroll down to see the negative space nail tutorials we have chosen for you today and choose which one you will try first. They are in the form of step-by-step pictorials so that you can learn how to do your nails on your own, and thus save some money and time for not visiting a professional. Enjoy!

Negative Space Nautical Nails

Photo via: sonailicious.com

Funky French Negative Space Nail Tutorial

Photo via: sassyshelly.com

Super Easy Negative Space Nail Tutorial

Photo via: makeup.com

Candy Heart Tips Nail Tutorial

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Step-by-Step Negative Space Hearts

Photo via: onenailtorulethemall.co.uk

Spring Spikes Cut Out Nails

Photo via: sonailicious.com

Negative Space and Glitter Nail Design

Photo via: makeup.com

Gold and Silver Chevron Nail Tutorial

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Striped Negative Space Nail Tutorial

Photo via: glamusha.ru

White Chevron Negative Space Nail Tutorial

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Reverse Half Moon Negative Space Nails

Photo via: glamusha.ru

Black and White Negative Space Nails

Photo via: sonailicious.com

The negative space nail designs can look good on both short and long nails. They are looking good on stiletto nails too. We hope that you loved our collection of negative space nail tutorials and that it got you inspired to try this trendy pattern. Choose the colors and design you love, or the one that will match with your next outfit combination. And by following the simple steps from the pictures above make your own perfect negative space nail design. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring step-by-step nail, makeup and hair tutorials.