10 Best Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious


The way one perceives themselves reflects the way they live. If your own house bores you, chances are it will bore the visitors, too. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

Sure, home décor can be expensive. Not to mention those fancy interior designers with their absurd hourly rates. However, there are small fixes and changes that could potentially make your house look more appealing and luxurious without breaking the bank.

Here are 10 ways you can make your house look modern and majestic!

#1. Add a Conservatory to Your House

Adding a conservatory to your house will make it look luxurious.

House prices are on the rise. Many are therefore stuck with their present property and considering a conservatory to extend rather than moving for additional space.

The best part is, if done professionally, a conservatory will not only add value to your house but can also make it look modern and luxurious. 


You can use it as a dining space, guest bedroom, rec room, sunroom, or even a play area. Also, being exposed to the backyard indicates you can take advantage of the natural light, without having to expose yourself to poor weather or cold temperatures.

A Lean To Conservatory is the most popular style of room in England & Wales— this is probably due to the flexibility of the design regarding its simplicity and ability to fit almost anywhere. A small lean to conservatory, also known as Dwarf Wall Conservatory, will cost you about £2000 for material and £3000 for labor.

Although you could build a conservatory without the building regulation approval, we suggest consulting your local building control team before you decide on building a conservatory.

#2. Play With Lighting

Light up your home! 

An easy, cost-effective way to make your house feel luxurious is by adding lighting pieces.

“Think of lighting as the jewelry of your room, accessorizing it as you would an outfit,” says Glamour

Lean toward lighting pieces with a unique shape and design, focusing on eye-catching lighting to make your room stand out. 

Arrange lighting in different bulb sizes and heights to create an illuminating effect that brushes off unflattering shadows. We recommend incorporating some LED light bulbs. They are both energy and cost-efficient and will last you longer, eliminating the cost of frequently replacing your bulbs.

#3. Opt for Classics

You can always go neutral in larger items like wall colors, furnishings, and light fixtures— these are also a bit more difficult to switch up on a whim. This will allow you to play with different colors, patterns, and textures in accents and accessories instead. You can change the look of your entire room easily for much cheaper than repainting or replacing larger items.


Classic items never really go outdated, so even if you end up buying an expensive piece, it will last you for years, if not decades.

#4. Bulk-Purchase Frames

Art makes your house feel more intentional and personal, and matching/coordinating frames will make children’s art, museum postcards, photo booth strips, and menus saved from exquisite meals look gallery-worthy. 

So, if you come across an attractive frame that you love, purchase as many as possible and incorporate art whenever you want.

#5. Camouflage Your TV

Nothing brings the luxury vibes in a living space like a massive black TV placed front and center. 

If fancy mirrors concealing the television seems too much, you can minimize the presence of your screen visually by creating a salon-like art arrangement or gallery wall around it. 

It won’t disappear entirely, but the TV frame will blend in perfectly with the other artwork, distracting the eye seamlessly. On top of that, with some thrifty finds, this trick works on all settings.

#6. Try Crown Molding

Yes, details do matter, especially in terms of decorating your house to make it look luxurious and custom-made. This is where crown molding comes into play.

Crown molding has its own way of making your room feel more complete; it brings the walls and ceiling together, promoting an artistic appearance. Without the finishing touch, living rooms often look unfinished and cheap.

Luckily, crown molding isn’t that expensive, especially the paintable, plastic versions.


You have several different widths to choose from. However, for a more inclusive impact, pick the widest trim you can afford. For the ultimate luxury, consider incorporating all types of molding to your house, i.e. crown, ceiling beams, ceiling medallions, high baseboard, columns, chair rails, and so on.

#7. Roll Out a Large Rug

Small rugs make your rooms look like Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit house. Get a larger, less expensive rug over a smaller, pricey one—especially if you have kids; they will wreak havoc on wool rugs!


Remember, a larger rug makes your room feel bigger and airier, which automatically makes it feel more expensive and luxurious.

#8. Paint Walls

This one’s pretty basic: A few coats of paint will change your room drastically. Here’s a nifty trick: We recommend painting your walls, trim, and even the ceiling the same color.

Remember, avoiding contrasting trim is always easy on the eyes. It adds focus to decorative accessories and accents and simplifies the architectural details of the room. It also lets you use a stronger color as the deeper hues will appear somewhat softer and lighter.

You can also paint doors and trim a dramatic color like black. This will add more interest to your room and improve those architectural details.

#9. Use Curtains


Curtains are crucial elements of any home décor. That is why they are often outrageously expensive. 

Don’t worry; what we’re about to tell you is a set of unique touches that will make your curtains look expensive.

Consider hanging your curtains from the ceiling. Have them cover your entire wall. Remember, length promotes the illusion of spaciousness. It will always demand your visitors’ attention.

Also, using your curtain’s bottom banding for color pops will create unique visual details.

Pro Tip: Don’t waste your money on expensive curtains. Instead, buy some cheap ones from your local store and follow the steps as mentioned. Of course, make sure they look great and not cheap!

#10. Indoor Potted Plants Are a Must

The beauty and fragrance exuberating from your indoor plants will promote an exotic, alluring effect to the opulence of your home. 

If you place the plants throughout your apartment, it will reduce the room temperature, as well. The cool sensation and freshness of the aroma give a luxurious feel to your house.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it; 10 easy ways to make your house look modern and luxurious. 

It’s important to note that your house should make better use of sustainable materials for cost-friendly enhancements and environmental health. Compromising on your financial position isn’t necessary for giving your house a luxurious feel. 

Diligent spending is key. It will allow you to use the best-available resources required to live a refined, polished way of life.