10 Design Styles for Bedrooms


Our bedroom is our haven, our perfect sanctuary for us to be able to revitalize and recharge.  Since it is our personal space, it is essential if they are a reflection of our personality. There are various designs, themes, and inspiration that can truly transform them into a perfect retreat.

Whether you have a new home or just simply want to flip it to a more functional and valuable space, it is very important to know the types of designs that you can choose especially for the home bedroom. Since there are tons of options out there, it is essential if you know what Here are the top 10 design ideas for bedroom furniture sets that you can choose from.


1. Modern Bedroom

If you prefer sleeping in a clutter-free and clean space, then one of the best options here is the modern style bedroom. What makes this design idea for a bedroom set distinctive is they don’t have too many frills and decor as compared to other types of bedroom styles or bedroom sets.  

Modern bedrooms are known for its sharp characteristics. Usually, these types of bedroom designs are using low-profile bedroom furniture as it is more focused on space. Additionally, the modern bedroom style offers a contemporary and sleek feeling to your room.  A combination of leather, glass, and metals decors and furniture is common for a master bedroom with a contemporary design.  The modern bedroom sets offer a tranquil and relaxing hideaway. This makes it in the top 10 leading bedroom set ideas.

2. Coastal Bedroom Style

If you love the ocean breeze and its components, coastal bedroom designs are definitely the right one for you. A combination of colors such as green and blue is common in this kind of style along with an airy and clean interior that creates an inviting and relaxing feeling bedroom. 

Coastal bedroom design is also known for using natural elements such as seashells, rope, driftwood, and glass to decorate the space, which can surely provide your room with the perfect beach theme you want.  With its unique design and feel, no wonder it is included in the leading 10 bedrooms set style. Your home bedroom will transform into a more cozy room with a perfect bed to sleep and rest.

3. Industrial Bedroom Style

If you want to achieve a reclaimed warehouse look then industrial bedroom style is definitely the perfect one for you.  This type of bedroom style is a mixture of fresh and eclectic ambiance. The bed and bed frame is usually made of darker solid wood or shiny metal.  This bedroom style is always part of the top 10 bedroom set option due to its peculiar look. 

Neutral shades like white bedding are one way on how your room design will look flawless especially for its look and feel that is unique and cannot be compared to others. Want to get the best bedroom set, bed, and furniture online? Local Furniture Outlet is your best store to look for these.

4. Scandinavian Bedroom Style

Another cool type of bedroom design that you must try is the Scandinavian bedroom sets style. Experience the Nordic look and feel with this different style that focuses more on soft pastels, neutral tones, and a minimal amount of decors.

When you mix these elements, it will allow you to have that tranquil space that is roomy and stylish,  One feature of Scandinavian bedroom style is the use of tapered-leg furniture.  To achieve that look for your Scandinavian master bedroom, you may need to add throw pillows, area rugs, faux fur throws, which will provide you that cozy and inviting feeling.  This design is definitely part of your top 10 options in terms of bedroom set design.

5.  Farmhouse Bedroom Style

Farmhouse style is perhaps one of the most famous types of inspiration that you can follow to your bedroom especially if you are a big fan of country-inspired home furnishings.  Simplicity is what this kind of bedroom furniture set of bed or bedding is known for. The mixture of bedroom decors like draperies, white linens, and bedding makes this a more inviting bedroom for those who are looking forward to that country feel and look.  No wonder many homemakers always include this to their top 10 options of a style of their bedroom.

6. Boho Chic Bedroom Style

Boho chic bedroom style that you will love if you are looking for a fashionable and unique bedroom. This is a combination of natural wood furnishing with bright decor and patterns. Boho Chic is perfect for those who are looking for a bedroom style that is adventurous and spacious. 

This bedroom set is definitely the one you need to get to have the best home or bed you want. Lots of lighting, recycled or reclaimed wood, tapestries, and hung blankets are the elements of this bedroom style.  With this unique characteristic, it is always part of the top 10 options for bedroom style.

7.  French Country Bedroom

Looking for a bedroom that focuses on luxury and comfort then  French country bedroom sets design is definitely an ideal option. As you know, a French country creates a homey and inviting bedroom that everyone will surely love.  Included in the bedroom sets and furniture for this design are tufted headboard, comfy armchair, cushioned trunk or ottoman, comfortable bed or storage bed.

When it comes to bed frame furniture, it might be solid wood with a bedroom set that is definitely part of the top 10 of bedroom furniture.  If you are looking for a complete bedroom set like master bedroom or bedroom decor with decor then Local Furniture is all you need to get them.

8. Rustic Bedroom Style

One of the top 10 bedroom styles that you can never go wrong with is the rustic style. It is ideal if you want to have that rugged and cozy personal space. In terms of decor for this bedroom set, it includes natural elements such as solid wood beds like walnut or weathered oak, which can provide that rustic atmosphere you want to achieve. In addition, you would like to incorporate galvanized metal furnishings such as dressers, nightstands, or wall art. Add some crisps with cozy blankets and crisps linens.

9.  Shabby Chic Bedroom Style

Dollhouse-like bedroom design is you can get with a shabby chic bedroom style.  White or cream along with pearl accents can surely transform your bedroom to an exciting bedroom that you will like to lay around all day. Pastels are perfect shade or hues for the bedroom decors and designs that you want to add.

10.  Glam Bedroom Style

Want to live like an A list Hollywood star? Glam bedroom style is definitely the right one for you. Experience the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood lifestyle. Chrome, silver, and gold are some of the leading color palettes that can be seen in this unique bedroom set. It is also accentuated with shimmering metals and bedroom furniture that makes these sets exquisitely unique and flashy. No wonder, glam bedroom style is always on everyone’s top 10 list of bedroom set design.

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