10 DIY Table Decorations


We always love to dine on a beautiful decorated table. The more the table looks pretty the more we enjoy the food. We present you some table decoration ideas that will reveal you a whole new concept of dining.

We give you 10 awesome DIY table decorations.

Spring table decoration

Are you wondering how to decorate your table? Here is an inspiration for you , you can choose the colors  that you prefer, but try to make it look fresh and bright.


 Paper made chariot

This is a perfect detail for your table decor. It is easy and cheap to make and yet it looks sophisticated.


 Wedding table decoration

Are you looking for the perfect wedding decoration for your wedding table? Here is an inspiration for you it is fast, easy, simple and beautiful.

Wedding decoration


A party in the garden

All you need for this spring decor table is some blooms along with some glass bottles. You can use the flower you like best in arrangement with low candles.


Elegant dinner decoration

You don’t need to have an expert eye for color, you can easily create classy setting using decor and dinnerware in shades of brown for a warm atmosphere.


Flower arrangement


This centerpiece is made from a glass of water and whole limes with some flowers on top. Instead of limes you can use other colorful vegetables, artichokes for an example.

A party on the roof


Table decorations are important, other thing that is also important is the location.  A location like this is ideal  for a romantic dinner.

Casual dinner setting


In some occasions casual settings are the best settings. You can use whatever you have on hand, consider neutral earthenware and everyday flatware. Place a folded linen napkin and a small place card atop on each plate.

Christmas table decoration

During the holiday season many people decorate their yard, the mantle and the Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas table your dinner guests will be transformed into the holiday mood immediately. Here is an inspiration for your Christmas table decoration.


Christmas table decoration in green

Another Christmas decoration table this time in green.