10 Must-Have Tools for Every College Student


College students face a unique set of challenges. Staying on top of your schoolwork can prove a tad bit difficult with so many distractions and easy access to social media and the internet. Luckily, there are tools to help with nearly every college student’s challenge. We have a compilation of must-have tools to help you stay on top of your schoolwork.

External HD

It is a good idea to have an external hard drive on hand for all your storage needs. An external hard drive means a solid backup of all your essential documents and files when something happens to your computer. It is also helpful when taking many photos or videos, as these can take up a lot of space on the computer.

Laptop stand

It can get uncomfortable working on your homework in your dorm with your laptop sitting on your lap all day long. A laptop stand is a great way to keep the heat off you and have a more comfortable experience typing away.

In addition, the laptop stand can also be helpful when using the laptop while lying down, watching TV, or hanging out with friends.

Portable charger

You never know when your phone will die or when there won’t be an outlet nearby. Therefore, having an external charger can be very helpful to get some extra battery life out of your devices when you need it most. There are also cases available for some phones that include their portable chargers built into them.

Power strip

Most dorm rooms only have one or two outlets per student. A power strip becomes extra handy when this isn’t enough outlets for you. However, ensure you get a high-quality power strip, so your electronics don’t get fried by a surge or something like that.

Dorm room safe

College campuses tend to harbor thieves who steal anything they can get their hands on (including laptops). The best way to protect your valuables is to keep them in a safe that you can bolt down.

USB stick

Your USB stick will come in handy when your computer crashes, and you need to recover important files or when you need to share files with classmates or professors. You should get at least 8 GBs of storage space so that you can back up all of your important documents and music files as well.


A calculator is a must-have item, especially when taking a math or social sciences course. There are several types of calculators available for students. This includes scientific and graphing calculators. Therefore, make sure that you know which type your school requires before purchasing one.


A webcam is a must-have for college students these days. Not only can you use it for video chatting with family and friends, but it is also an essential tool for online classes. You can get a dedicated webcam that mounts to the top of your laptop or desktop monitor (highly recommended). Alternatively, you can use the webcam built into your computer.


Printers are a must-have for every college student. Whether you are an essay writer, you can print your work for proofreading or homework. Purchasing a printer right at home can save time and money. You can get by using the printers at the library during your first year. However, once you start taking upper-level classes with required textbooks, it’s almost impossible to get by without one.

Lockbox/zipper pouch

A zipper pouch is helpful for students who take all their exams in the same classroom. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about carrying around sharpened pencils and extra erasable pens. You can store your calculator here too.

Laptop case

If you are going to be using your laptop on campus, you will want a case that protects it from drops and scratches. A good one should have padded handles or straps to make carrying them around more accessible and with only a hand or two. Make sure they fit snugly on both sides before zipping them up.

Go to college without making the most of these tools, and you will be missing out. Above are some of the most valuable tools on the list that every college student should have in their toolbox. 

When you take advantage of such devices, you can easily manage your education and achieve maximum output. Besides, it is more fun to study while interacting with the devices.  

It is vital always to ensure that you can manage your education to determine your future career progress. Be quick only to select the relevant ones and avoid anything that can compromise your attention and engagement in your school.