10 Useful DIY Shoebox Crafts


It is a fact that women are crazy about shoes, so I guess all of you have a bunch of shoe boxes at home. And I am sure that you are always thinking what to do with them. Today, you will have the chance to see 10 useful DIY crafts with shoeboxes. Your empty shoeboxes can be used for many purposes. You can use them for organizing your things, or for creating some wall art. You can even use them for a photo projector, which I am sure you will really love it.

So, take a look at the pictures below, and follow the links under the pictures to get to the full tutorials. Follow the instructions and enjoy in these really easy and useful DIY crafts with shoeboxes.

DIY Shoebox Crafts

Mini Wall Art

Full tutorial: cremedelacraft.com

DIY Wall Shelves

Full tutorial: cremedelacraft.com

DIY Shoebox Picnic Basket

Full tutorial: 100directions.com

DIY Makeup Storage

Full tutorial: peachfizzz.blogspot.com

Turn a Shoebox Into a Charging Station

Full tutorial: curbly.com

Shoebox Organizer Drawers

Full tutorial: seamsunbiased.blogspot.com

 Ribbon Storage

Full tutorial: delicateconstruction.com

Photo Projector

Full tutorial: content.photojojo.com

Shoebox Sewing Kit

Full tutorial: mimiscraftyworld.blogspot.com

DIY Ring Box

Full tutorial: kittehscupcakes.nl