10 Ways To Make Money Whilst Travelling


Even though there will be quite a few of us that want to quit work and start travelling this very minute, a few obstacles stand in the way. Along with the prospect of leaving loved ones behind and getting out ‘small details’ such as rent or mortgage agreements, the biggest challenge is usually having enough money.

But even if you only have a small sum to start off with, there is no reason why you can’t keep earning while on the road. In fact, there are countless ways you can maintain a healthy bank balance during any globetrotting adventure.

  1. Play online poker

Let’s begin with an idea that shows making money could be fun. As long as you understand when to raise the stakes or leave the table, playing online poker can be a tidy little earner brining in proceeds to fund treats. But if poker isn’t your game of choice, the very best online casinos will have a wide range of alternatives such as blackjack, roulette, or even bingo. Sticking to following your hobby online will reduce the associated costs with a night out at a glitzy casino too…

  1. Teach a language

You don’t necessarily need to be a native speaker or have impressive qualifications to teach a language abroad. Simply send your CV and a covering letter to nearby language schools and in exchange you might be offered work or even accommodation and food.

  1. Become an au pair

You will probably need to go through a trusted agency, but becoming an au pair has various benefits. Along with free bed and board, plus your guaranteed income, you will also be welcomed into a new family. Certainly something to consider if you are staying in one place for a while.

  1. Get a seasonal job

From picking fruit and vegetables in the summer to looking after a ski resort chalet, there are numerous seasonal job opportunities all around the world. These short term posts would probably suit you more than the natives who will want something more permanent.

  1. Work in a hostel

With travellers coming and going all the time, most hostels usually need a helping hand. The work can be a bit monotonous – and you may witness a few rooms in complete disarray – but for a short period of time it should provide ample earnings and will make you appreciate the benefits of having a tidy room.

  1. Become a tour guide

Probably not the best option if you aren’t overly familiar with your location, but becoming a tour guide in a place you know well can be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Start your research in advance and become an expert before you throw yourself into this job.

  1. Write a travel blog

If your travel trip includes several captivating and compelling destinations, then there is a good chance other people will want to read about it. Earning money through a travel blog isn’t always straightforward, but if you are committed and prepared to put in the hours, it can deliver a tidy profit as well as being a permanent record.

  1. Become a TV or film extra

In cities that produce films and television shows, there might be an opportunity to become an extra lurking in the background. Send a picture and biography off to a few talent agencies and see what they have to offer.

9.  Freelance online

This option might not be possible for some people, but those with a creative streak can capitalise on the freelancing opportunities that exist online. Jobs include managing social media accounts, editing images, developing websites, and basic admin tasks. Freelancing in this day and age need not involve you being based anywhere near your place of work.

10. Become a street performer

Again, you might need a special talent to become a street performer, but this can earn you some precious pennies while wandering around the world. Just make sure you have permission to strut your stuff. It’ll certainly be something to tell the grandkids.