12 Storage Tips For Your Small Home


If you live in a small home, then some organization skills will definitely help you get the most of the space available. You should think out of the box and look for some smart storage solutions all around your home. And guess what today we want to give several storage tips and tricks that you may use for your home.

Choose a sofa with a bookcase

Instead of a regular sofa you can look for a sofa with a bookcase behind it. So, this will be your favorite spots for storing books and thus saving some space on wall shelves.

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Or maybe you can go for a one with a storage space underneath

So, you just sit on the sofa, grab a book from underneath and enjoy reading it.

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Choose a multi-functional coffee table

Instead of a regular coffee table, get one with a lifting top. So, guess what? You have some extra storage space underneath that no one will even know about.


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A dining table with built-in shelves

Your dining table can also be with some storage space. This can be the perfect place for some decorative centerpieces.

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Smart pull-out drawer for your kitchen

Besides the regular horizontal drawers, you can choose some vertical pull-out drawers for your kitchen. The space next to the oven is perfect for one such drawer where you can store some spices and other cooking essentials.

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Or maybe you can have one such drawer in the doorway

This is another place that you will choose to leave empty, but some clever minds have come with an idea of how to use it.

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Smart shelves under the ceiling slope

This may seem to you like an awkward place, but some flip out shelves can offer a little bit of extra space for some books, boxes etc.

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Under the stairs storage

Instead of leaving the space under the stairs empty, you can add some built-in drawers where you can store your shoes or other stuff. They aren’t even noticeable at first glance.

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Use a bookcase as room divider

When living in an open floor plan, you can divide the space with a bookcase and at the same time use it as a storage space.

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Hidden bed

This hidden bed is great for small bedrooms. So, during the day you can put it back and you can move freely through the room.

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Don’t forget the space around the toilet

The bathroom is the place that requires great storage space for all of your beauty products, toiletries, towels etc. So, think about adding some wire racks around the toilet to get the most of the space.

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Use the space above the bathroom door

Yes, even the space above the bathroom can be used as an extra storage space. Add some shelf over there and store some of the bathroom items.

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These are just some storage tips that can help you get the most of the space available in your home. Le us know which one did you like the best and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other tips, tricks and hacks for your home.