13 Great Gift Ideas for Medical Students


Med school can be a harrowing time for future doctors, but a well-chosen gift can bring a little levity to their shoulders. Here are just a few ideas for bringing a smile to their face after their rounds!

1. Scrubs

There might be rules and regulations about the type of scrubs that they’re allowed to wear during teaching rounds, but you can get them a fun, colorful or wacky pair for other occasions. Every med student should own at least one set of funky scrubs!

2. Medical Student Wall Clock

Make your buddy laugh with a medical student wall clock. There are several variations out there, but they have one thing in common: There are no numbers. Instead, the passage of time is marked by things like “coffee,” “work,” “exam,” “lecture” and “death.” Some clocks forego words completely and just show a melting face over a stethoscope.

3. Caduceus Key Chain

The caduceus is one of the world’s most recognizable signs of medicine, and your loved one can carry it everywhere when you give them a caduceus key chain. As a bonus, it won’t cost a lot, so it’ll be a great stocking stuffer or casual gift if you can’t afford something grander.

4. Syringe Highlighters

They aren’t really syringes, so you won’t have to worry about a tired med student jabbing one into their face when they’re sick of reading about orbicularis oculi muscles. The highlighters will just be cute and fun accessories that are displayed on the desk until they’re needed.

5. Books

Med students are no strangers to reading, but instead of heaping another textbook or guidebook on their lap, consider something like 101 So Bad, They’re Good Doctor Jokes or Kill as Few Patients as Possible: And Fifty-Six Other Essays on How to Be the World’s Best Doctor. Let them snicker instead of study for once.

6. Engraved Stethoscope

An engraved stethoscope can be an extremely thoughtful gift for a med student. Not only will it serve a practical purpose during their rounds, but it will also deliver a strong statement of love, support and confidence in their abilities. You can do it. You can become a doctor. My faith in you is engraved in metal.

7. EKG Badge Reels

If your friend is always misplacing their badges and lanyards, give them something that’s worth holding onto. EKG badge reels will be a nice nod to their profession while also serving a real-world purpose. They’re fun but functional.

8. Organizer Inserts

If your loved one is anything like most medical students, they fight a daily battle to keep track of their books, pens, notepads, laptops, stethoscopes and phone chargers. An organizer insert that slips into their bag can take away a lot of the drama. They’ll be able to carry their belongings with ease no matter where they’re rushing off to next.

9. Anatomy Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are gaining a lot of traction as stress relievers, and an anatomy coloring book will keep lessons fresh on the mind, too. Every med student is familiar with the pain of their Gross Anatomy class. Coloring might serve a one-two punch of relaxing them and reinforcing their studies at the same time.

10. Doctor Wars: Hospital Card Game

The best thing about this card game is that it can be enjoyed by both medical and non-medical players. There are inside jokes for those in the know, but anyone can understand the rules and win. Bond with your buddy even if you don’t understand a thing about medicine!

11. Prescription Shot Glasses

This gag gift is sure to cause a hoot with your favorite med student. They won’t have to feel guilty about Friday night shots when they’ve been prescribed by a doctor! Be sure to remind them that the standard dose for an RX shot glass is “as many as needed.”

12. Bubble Timers

Bubble timers can be enjoyed by anyone with a stressful schedule, including med students. They’ll calm the nerves, soothe the brain and provide gentle visual stimulation. They can also be used as speed timers when you’re using flashcards or practicing for a pop quiz.

13. Personalized Pen

This is a gift that can be either funny or sentimental depending on its inscription. If you want to make them laugh, print a joke on a cheap disposable pen. If you want to give them strength, invest in a high-quality monogrammed pen set with a motivational quote printed on the box or tubing.

These are just a few gift ideas for people in medical school. Some will make them laugh; others will make them weep. The right gift will depend on the person, so don’t be afraid to consider lots of different presents until you find one that speaks to you.