18 Super Cool Ways To Decorate Your Home With Thumbtacks


If you think that the thumbtacks are only for bulletin boards, keep on reading because you are about to change your mind. Today, we would like to show you 18 Super Cool Ways To Decorate Your Home With Thumbtacks and we hope that you will  like them.

Thumbtacks can be found in versatile sizes and colors and they can be part of versatile decorations. You may either choose to decorate some plain surfaces with several thumbtacks or maybe create some art out of them. Check out the following thumbtack crafts and choose which one of them you will try to copy. Enjoy!

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Thumbtack Love Letter Art

There are many possible ways to make some letter art and one of them can be with the use of some foam board and of course many thumbtacks. This could be the perfect gift for your loved one.

love thumb tack art
Photo via: diyready.com

Thumbtack Vase Fillers

One way to make a centerpiece, can be to get a vase, whether tall or round and fill it with some ornaments made out of some thumbtacks. Choose them to be in different colors to make them more eye-catching.

Photo via: landeeseelandeedo.com

Thumbtack Globe

If you have some old globe somewhere in your home catching dust, grab it and cover it with some thumbtacks to create a beautiful decoration for your bedroom or living room.

Photo via: madiganmade.com

Thumbtack Word Art

Here is another idea of how to make some word art with thumbtacks added on a canvas.

thumb tack decor
Photo via: thingsbright.com

Thumbtack Sunburst Mirror

If you have some frameless mirror in your home, add some silver thumbtacks around it. This super easy project can be done in 15 minutes and it will cost you only $6.

thumbstack mirror
Photo via: karapaslaydesigns.com

Nailhead Table Makeover

If you find the nightstand or the side table pretty boring, try to spruce it up with some thumbtacks.

Photo via: madincrafts.com

Gold Thumbtack Wreath

Wreaths are perfect decorations for the front door and since they can be made out of versatile items why don’t you give a try and make some out of gold thumbtacks.

Photo via: madiganmade.com

Thumbtack Ampersand Art

An ampersand art can be the perfect decor for the home, especially when made out of thumb tacks.

Photo via: livelovediy.com

Thumbtack Votive Candles

Gold thumbtack votive candles can look a way more expensive the plain white ones.

thumbtack votives
Photo via: sparkandchemistry.com

Pumpkin Decorations With Thumbtacks

Pumpkins can be also perfect home decorations. First, paint them with some white paint and then create some thumbtack art.

Photo via: theekissoflife.blogspot.com

Faux Nailhead Trim Letter

You can also decorate your home with some studded letters, whether that will be your initials or maybe some short phrase.

faux nailhead trim letter
Photo via: nessatheprocrastinator.com

Thumbtack Love Art

For those of you who are in love, here is another great way of how to create a beautiful thumbtack love art.

love thumb tack art tutorial
Photo via: mythriftychic.com

Thumbtack Trees

Just like vase fillers, thumbtack trees can be also great centerpiece decor, so do not hesitate to make some.

Photo via: landeeseelandeedo.com

Dragon Egg

And for Easter time, you may try to make this dragon egg instead of decorating plain eggs.

dragon.egg_.foam and silver thumbtack
Photo via: ourpeacefulplanet.com

Monogram String Art With Thumb Tacks

Another way to make a monogram art can be with the use of some strings and thumb tacks.

Photo via: thespacebetweenblog.net

DIY Thumbtack Monogram Pallet Sign

Monograms can be also added on wooden palettes and thus serve as a nice wall or front door decor.

Photo via: viewfromthefridge.com

Sunburst Mirror

Here is another idea of a sunburst mirror decorated with thumbtacks and some wood pieces.

Photo via: polishedhabitat.com

Thumbtack Wood Sign

And for all of you my dreamers, here is a thumbtack dream wood sign that you can do in no time.

dream wood and thumbtack sign
Photo via: sketchystyles.com

So, which one from the above thumbtack crafts would you choose to make and thus decorate your home? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other versatile decorations for your lovely homes.