Ergonomic Design: Comfortable Furnishing Ideas for Home Offices


When you consider how much time you spend each day sitting at a desk or working on a table, it is important to take the subject of ergonomic design seriously, so that you achieve a balance between an aesthetically pleasing design and the right level of comfort.

When you are designing your home office, someone like table legs could help provide the right look and support you need for your desk or home office furniture. There are also a number of other things to consider when it comes to formulating a comfortable ergonomic design.

Setting up your home work space

If you have enough space in your home to allocate a specific room for a home office setup, this will certainly help, while others might have to be a bit more creative when setting up a home office space that they can use efficiently and comfortably.

A couple of the most important considerations when setting up your workspace, is the need to get your desk and screen at the right height and to achieve a comfortable seated position.

Occupational Safety guidelines on computer workstations, can give you some helpful pointers with regard to proper placement. The main thing is, not to simply accept the default position, which means a desk that has often been manufactured with a 5ft 10inch male, according to some office designers.

Good posture is vital

It is easy to get hung up on desk designs, height and other measurements, which are important of course, but good posture is vital.

You need to be able to achieve a good posture whenever you are working at your home office desk, which means having your back as straight as possible or only slightly reclined, with your forearms and thighs maintaining a position that is close to parallel to the floor.

In addition, you should try to create a position where your wrists and hands are in line with your forearms. In particular, pay attention to your wrist position, as working with your wrists in a cocked upwards angle, is likely to create some pain or injury at some point.

Adjusting the desk height

Unless you happen to be the standard height and size that many desks are designed for as a default setting, you will probably need to have to make some adjustments in order to get the height and comfort that you need and want.

You might even need to customize your furniture and order some replacement legs which are made to just the right height for your measurements and requirements.

Another way of getting the right height and comfort is to choose the right sort of chair.

An upholstered swivel chair with five legs for stability is not a bad choice, as well as plenty of options to raise, lower and tilt your seat to just how you want it. Spending a bit more on ergonomically designed seating, might not be a bad investment when you consider how long you might spend sitting on it.

Many of us now do some or all of our work at home, so make sure you set up your office space with comfort and health as important considerations.

Joseph Owen is a creative individual who takes an interest in art and design in all its shape and forms, from weekend DIY jobs to interior design courses and home makeovers.