20+ DIY Creative Chalkboard Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless


Hi my lovely top dreamers! We’ve been posting articles about chalkboard art for your interior before, but now we want to draw your attention to the details that are really important when it comes to this kind of art. As we all know art is limitless, so if we consider chalkboard drawings as a form of art, an innumerable array of ideas will appear in front of you. No matter the occasion, chalkboard art will find its place on every peace of furniture or decor element in your home. As you will see from the following presentation that we prepared for you, there are many ways of how to incorporate chalkboard art as a fine detail to your home decor. Today, we prepared for you 20+ DIY Creative Chalkboard Ideas That Will Leave you Speechless.

Chalkboard Thanksgiving Crafts

As you will see, you can incorporate this kind of art into your Thanksgiving place mats, your welcome door decor, or you can put the chalkboard ornaments on your thanksgiving tree. The result? An amazingly decorated warm home.

Image via www.rustic-crafts.com
mage via www.notedlist.com
Image via www.abccoolimages.com

Chalkboard Flowerpot

Put some creativity into your old flowerpot. Pay attention to details, paint it with cute polka-dot pattern and write decorative label with a chalk.

Image via www.joann.com

DIY Ruler Framed Chalkboard

Image via www.galleryhip.com

Wedding Chalkboard Wine Ideas

Use your empty wine bottles to create a chalkboard masterpiece for your own wedding. It’s cheap and super adorable.

Image via www.ranker.com
Image via www.galleryhip.com

Chalkboard Mugs and Cups

Who doesn’t want cups like these? You can write whatever you want and you can do that every day! Create your own happiness with these chalkboard motivation mugs and cups.

Image via www.mylohas.net
Image via www.etsy.com
Image via www.shelterness.com
Image via www.abccoolimages.com

Chalkboard Drawers

Look at this crazy and great idea of chalkboard painted drawers. You can label the drawers with cute letters, or you can write your to do list for better organised and enjoyable home.

Images via www.forum.ivd.ru
Image via www.bodnar.eu


Chalkboard Candles

Make your own candle holder decor and enjoy in the romantic atmosphere of your own masterpiece.

Image via www.mysticsandmint.blogspot.mk
Image via www.welke.nl

Chalkboard Trays

Put some inspirational quote on your DIY chalkboard serving tray and your day may start!

Image via www.etsy.com
Image via www.yenihobiler.com
Image via www.re-kreativ.blogspot.mk

Chalkboard Art with Beer Caps

Image via www.dose.com

Chalklboard Jar Crafts

Image via www.free-stock-illustration.com

Chalkboard Spices Frame

Image via www.hative.com

Chalkboard Gifts 

You can also put some chalkboard labels onto your cute little presents and you are ready to go!

Image via www.everydaymomideas.com
Image via www.cntdbs.com

This was the exquisite collection of the creative chalkboard ideas that we prepared for you. We hope you enjoyed. We want to hear from you, too. Please share your comments with us and let us know which one of these chalkboard ideas amazed you the most. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter that you will easily find at our Top Dreamer website so that you will stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer and find many other great ideas for your dream home.  Thank you for reading and see you my dreamers!