How Students Could Benefit from Street Art


The benefits of graffiti are easy to see and appreciate when you are open-minded since they are right there staring at you. This symbol of contemporary art turns a dull spot into a beauty to be enjoyed freely on the streets, and slowly the world has been changing its view. While creatives responsible for this artistry have been referred to as vandals for a long time, they are slowly getting the respect they deserve. Some cities are sparing walls to be used as canvases for this purpose.

What is Street Art?

It is created by creatives in public places, mostly without official permission. What most people cannot disagree with, even those opposed to it is its beauty and the creativity of the artists. Some people still do not see graffiti as art, maybe because of how the public has been socialized to see it. That is changing slowly, with art teachers asking their students to write street art essay samples that show their appreciation and impact on the world. When you look at this form of art closely, you see why is it worth looking at, even if it is done differently from what you may find in art galleries. This difference, and the essay examples that show its impact in the world of arts, are probably the more reasons for us to give street art more creds than it gets.

College students studying art can benefit from the styles of these pieces that are just freely given to the streets. The artists have done their research on what that part of the street needs, so they use their talents to give students what to paint. The use of color is so liberal that it awakens the need to paint something bold and daring.

Here is a sample of lessons students can take from street artists.

Freedom and Diversity

You can only read so many essay examples on these topics without applying them to your work. Art is all about expression, protesting, beautifying, and analyzing, and this takes many shapes, sizes, and colors. Since street art varies from country to country, these artists are able to bring out their thoughts and feelings in colors that many people who follow the rules can only dream of. If you want to really express yourself, you have to allow yourself the kind of freedom possessed by these artists.

Color me Happy

There is so much joy to be found in bold colors. They demand your attention, and they change the look of the spaces they occupy. Just like turning plain paper into something beautiful and worthy of marvel, street art changes ordinary public spaces for good. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is free, as most of it is not commissioned. After all, the best things in life are said to be free, right?

Political Outcry

Citizens of almost every country in the world have issues they would like to discuss with their electorate, but they hardly get the platform to express themselves. Street art gives them the chance to bring these issues out and open discussions. It helps that most creators of these murals remain anonymous because that removes the stigma that would come with exposing politicians who cannot handle truths. This expression in its most raw form is something art students should find endearing and want to replicate into their creations.  


These are not the only reasons why graffiti is art. There is a lot to mull over when you see a piece, and it may not necessarily present in the way you always expect. Part of being a true appreciator of art is by reading essays on its evolution, and there is no shortage of material passing on the knowledge on graffiti. Politicians do not like the truth that it displays, so having murals educate the masses on the evils in society in public places where one doesn’t have to pay a dime to see is not something they may want. The base of that thought that what’s painted on the streets isn’t as good as the stuff in galleries is overtaken by time. Art is art, and it is good for the soul.