5 Unique Ways To Keep Your Memories Through Visual Arts

Photo collage of nine images with winter concept. Holiday season. open photo book with christmas photos.

Memories have a way of bringing you back to the moments you would want to keep forever. Remember those camp trips you had during summer? Or perhaps your birthday or special events with your loved ones? 

However, no matter how much you want to hold on to these moments, they will certainly fade with time. Thus, you want to capture and treasure those memories as much as possible. There are many ways to preserve your memories, and one of them is through visual arts.

Visual art can be a painting, a sketch, a sculpture, a print, a photo, a graphic design, or any visual representation. Through visual arts, you can surely keep your memories and remember those special moments forever.

Personal photo of little girl printed on jigsaw puzzle

Here are some unique ways to keep your memories alive using visual arts:

  1. Create Custom Puzzles

Puzzles are not only games that test your brain. You can also create custom puzzles to keep a special memory in your life forever. For example, choose a certain memory or photo that you want to immortalize. Then, you can either turn that photo into puzzles on your own or ask a shop to make personalized puzzles for you. Either way, you’ll have a unique piece of art that’ll remind you of those special moments. You can even hang the puzzle on your wall!

In addition, you can store those puzzles in a memory box. If you want to remember the past or simply want to have fun, you can draw out the pieces anytime and assemble them again. This way, you can enjoy reminiscing about those special memories with your loved ones.

  1. Make A Collage

A collage is a collection of different objects that you stick together to create a whole new picture. Though almost similar to puzzles,  a collage is made of objects with varied shapes or a piece of art made by combining photos and other objects. If you want to explore this kind of art and want to unleash your creativity, you can create a collage to keep your treasured memories in a unique way. 

For example, ribbons, newspapers, pictures, or tickets can serve as memorabilia. You can piece them together into a single canvas and place them according to the layout of your choice. You can even apply different art techniques to your collage. If you want, you can also put some notes to remind you of the story behind that specific ribbon, picture, or ticket. 

In addition, you can also create a collage from the photos you’ve taken before. It’s a great way to combine those special moments into a new picture using different or personalized templates. For example, you can arrange your pictures into a heart-shaped photo collage. Not only you’ll have a new way of keeping your memories, but you can also use this piece of art as a home decoration.

  1. Recycle Old Clipboards

Instead of photo frames, why not use your old clipboards and make them as stylish home decorations? For example, you can clip photos that you’d love to see every day on the clipboards. You can even paint the clipboards with metallic paints to create a more vivid effect. Once done, you can put these clipboards on your bedroom or living room wall, allowing you to remember the past whenever you want. This piece of art might even help brighten your day.

  1.  Customize A T-shirt

Customizing a t-shirt is a great way to preserve or keep a memory. You can personalize the t-shirts, and the printing of the designs can be done easily.

For instance, you can print a t-shirt with a picture on the front. This picture could be a family photo, your wedding, or any special moment, such as your game-winning shot at a basketball game. You can even add designs, depending on your taste. You can either frame your customized t-shirt or wear it whenever you want to reminisce about those special times.

  1.  Try Cross Stitching

Cross stitching may sound old-fashioned, but it never goes out of style. Cross-stitched memorabilia bring a vintage vibe and a nostalgic feel.  For the materials, you will only need fabrics, needles, and threads. 

For example, you can choose a photo or a memory and make a cross-stitch based on that picture or moment. After you’re done, you can frame your finished needlework or perhaps give it away as a gift.


Immortalizing your most treasured memories helps you relive that same feeling or experience. Luckily, keeping your memories need not be a boring activity, thanks to visual arts. You can create custom puzzles, make a collage, recycle old clipboards, customize a t-shirt, or even try cross stitching! Visual arts are indeed a great way to keep your memories forever.