2020 Honda CR-V Enters to Roadways


The 2020 Honda CR-V is here, bringing a new and improved version of the award-winning crossover SUV! With the 2019 CR-V making history as a top seller and integrated technology, Honda looks to take that success and build on it even more. The exterior and interior designs are improved, with new accents and styling elements that will stand out on the road. With a new year of technological advances, Honda has also done an impressive job working in updated features and functionality; the powertrains receive some extra power while the safety and security features become even more enhanced.

The CR-V has established itself on the market with sheer numbers alone, now having sold over 5-million different SUVs in the U.S. alone! The SUV originally became a popular choice as a family transport that was smaller than a minivan, but offered more volume and presence compared with a small sedan. Honda took these design elements with the CR-V to heart, offering a roomy interior design that is packed with ingenuitive storage compartments that forge an incredible interior storage capacity you would normally expect from a larger SUV. The seats are easy to operate as well, turning the crossover from a multi-passenger transport into a convenient transport that can carry large or oddly shaped cargo. 

The interior and exterior design is as distinctive and sharp as ever, starting with the new blackout grille in the front that has been reworked to create openings for additional fog lights. The higher trim models receive advanced LED fog lights, to further provide vision in those lower-visibility conditions. The dark chrome rear of the vehicle transitions smoothly into the darkly tinted rear glass that is added in, while the machine-finished wheels receive various new designs with larger 19-inch wheels that come equipped with the Touring trim. Inside the CR-V, we see a redesigned front dashboard console that has been engineered for convenience and ease of use.

This 2020 crossover SUV doesn’t stop there, bringing in top-tier technology that has continued to develop further enhancing safety and overall comfort of the driving and riding experience. The CR-V is getting enhanced infotainment tech, bringing back in smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but with updated systems and convenient access. The 7-inch touchscreen display also comes offering the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with easy controls and responsive instructions to help get you where you need to go. Further pushing the CR-V’s impeccable safety standards, Honda has worked in updated and improved driver-assist technologies with its Honda Sensing group of features in order to help keep you and others safe! Roberts Honda (Downington, PA) learned from the factory that every CR-V model will offer Honda Sensing features including Forward Collision Warning with pedestrian detection, Road Departure Mitigation in conjunction with Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more.

After much anticipation, the wait is finally over, with the all-new 2020 CR-V hitting roadways all around the U.S.! With the updated systems, the CR-V is more convenient and safer than ever, providing a driving experience that places it on top. The smooth and fluid interior and exterior design feature some nice additional elements, while the powertrains brought in work to push the performance of the CR-V to the next level. Don’t wait now, go check out and take a test drive of a 2020 CR-V with your friendly nearby dealership!