Tips to Help Prepare for Off-Road Driving


Taking your Jeep away from the paved concrete jungle and out on a trail is a fun and free-ing experience. The hobby of off-roading is a celebrated past-time allowing drivers to put the capabilities of their Jeep vehicle to the test and enjoy the outdoors. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself many miles away from society and potentially even cell-service; as such, a little planning and preparation can go a long way, especially if this is your first time taking your Jeep off-road!

Stay on Top of Vehicle Maintenance

Vital fluids and systems of your vehicle are what allow you to depend on your Jeep’s reliable performance. The engine oil, windshield wiper fluid and radiator coolant are good to check yourself. Also, take a  peek at your tire treads and make sure they are deep enough to help establish traction while you are driving off-road. To help avoid potential breakdowns while you are out exploring, taking your car in for a quick service appointment can help put it in top shape.

Handy Equipment to Bring Along

Having some extra gear that you may or may not bring along with you on your daily commute can help turn a hazard into a hurdle you can easily overcome. If you are going to be driving through muddy trails, having a winch and tow-rope that is rated for your vehicle’s weight can allow you to supply that extra tug you need to get unstuck. A portable air compressor and tire-pressure gauge are good items to have so that you can maintain optimal pressure for enhanced traction. A fire extinguisher and first aid kit are always good to have on board as well, which are required by most Jeep clubs as mandatory equipment. If you are looking to go out on a longer excursion, having a blanket and extra food/water is important to bring along.

Learn about the Trail’s Terrain

The terrain you are going to be driving through decides if your Jeep is qualified to handle the outdoor elements. Trails should have information available to detail the different types of terrain you may encounter during the excursion. If the trail has stretches of muddy ground, try to keep momentum while driving through; if you get stuck, don’t try to floor your engine, which will just cause you to spin your wheels and dig your Jeep deeper. Having low range gearing is great to crawl over obstacles and sandy areas, supplying more torque at lower speeds. Make sure to check your Jeep’s ground clearance as well, to see if water fording and/or rocky terrain will be accessible to your vehicle.

Never Off-Road Alone

The off-road enthusiasts at Butler Chrysler Jeep (Beaufort, SC) suggest earnestly that serious off-roading shouldnt be done alone. If you are new to off-roading, having a seasoned expert is invaluable, as they can help teach you some tricks and give advice so you are ready while on the trail! Do a quick search online to find Jeep Clubs near you, which often offer group rides and events throughout the year. Some Clubs will also offer classes and help with configuring your Jeep to prepare you best for the outdoors.

Outdoor exploring with your Jeep vehicle is an experience like no other; being able to get off the well-traveled paved roadways allows you to push the capabilities of your Jeep while enjoying the outdoor environment. With some extra preparation and research ahead of time, you can ensure that you stay safe and ready for whatever the trail throws your way. If you have any questions, finding a Jeep club or your friendly local dealership is a great way to get more information. Remember to take your time enjoying the view, clean up after yourself, and enjoy your off-road excursions with your Jeep Vehicle!