3 Things Should Be Considered After Fat Injection


Having an aesthetic appearance is among the most prominent value judgments of our time. However, sometimes due to genetic features, and sometimes due to various conditions that occur later, non-aesthetic appearances may be encountered in different parts of the body. It is possible to have the desired body with aesthetic methods that have gained great momentum in recent years. Fat injection has an important place among the applications applied for aesthetic purposes. Many aesthetic gains can be achieved with this application, which can be defined as the injection of fat tissues taken from the belly area, hip, or thigh area, after some procedures, to the areas where the skin is needed. Lip volume increase, wrinkle removal, hip augmentation or lifting, cheek, and forehead volume expansion, and breast augmentation or lifting are among the procedures that provide high success with fat injection. It is also possible to benefit from fat injection for facial rejuvenation.

When fat injection is not performed by specialist physicians, various complications may be encountered. The application may also fail. However, even in cases where the operation is successfully completed, some points should be considered in the following process.

Avoiding Excessive Activity

Activities that involve excessive movement should be avoided for at least 15 days after fat injection. Especially after leg surgery or hip augmentation operations, more attention should be paid to this issue. In addition, the correct adjustment of sitting, standing, and lying positions in line with the warnings of the specialist performing the procedure shortens the healing process and helps to get better results.

Avoiding Sudden Weight Changes

Fat injection can maintain its permanence for a long time with the right behaviors. However, some situations cause the effect of the application to decrease and the transferred living fat tissues to lose their functions. This creates a new unaesthetic appearance and necessitates a new operation and fat reinforcement. Sudden weight changes are also one of these situations. The stretching of the skin due to excessive weight gain in a short time or its loosening with sudden weight loss prepares the ground for the deterioration of adipose tissue. For this, it is necessary to maintain the current weight after the operation and avoid very drastic changes.

Keeping track of complications

After fat injection to different points of the body, various complications may occur during the healing process. These complications will reduce the quality of life and may cause more serious consequences. Therefore, it should not be delayed to follow the complications well after the operation and to re-control them at the recommended time. We can list some of the possible complications as follows:

• Infection around the area where fat is taken or transferred

• Excessive pain and chronic redness

• Irregular, lump-shaped tissue development after skin injuries

• Blisters

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