4 Myths on Social Media and Blogging Demystified


Blogging is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts in the online world with a great deal of myths and misconceptions about the manner in which it works. Others have made people believe that having a blog is one of the most complicated things. However, creating a blog does not have to be difficult. The same is true about social media. You have definitely used social media a couple of times trying to promote your brand and met resistance along the way. It becomes so sad when such resistance comes from false information. You do not need to be a victim anymore. Demystifying the following myths sets you free.


  • Blogs can do fine without other social networks


This is a complete fallacy. Social media and blogs go hand in hand. You can use several social media networks to drive traffic to your blog, making your audience increase with time. To get the most out of your blog, you should consider linking it to other social networks to increase your audience.


  • It is better to share at specific times


While there could be some truth to this myth, it has been established that the best time to share is the time you decide to be consistent with. If you decide to share at midday every day, then your audience will find your work at that time and read it. You just need to make your audience on various social media platforms get used to your blogging schedule.


  • It is best to create a blog on a free blogging platform


Rather than getting your own domain, many people believe that it is better to start a blog on a free blogging platform. While this may hold up for some people, it is good for you to know that blogging is part of creating your image online as a brand.

You are safer starting with your own domain since it will give you flexibility and the urge to move your work later on when you have gained enough audience and support will not be there. Owning your own domain comes in handy with such benefits as being able to own your work, being able to advertise and make more money and having a simple and memorable URL.


  • Focusing on a niche will limit your content


When brainstorming on an idea to start a blog, some people opt to look for content that is not covered or is less covered on other blogs. Other people have come to think that this will limit their content. The truth on this matter is that this gives you an opportunity to be unique and could make you a famous blogger on the issue.


  • Conclusion


There are many myths surrounding social media and blogging. They need not discourage you from using social media to engage. With most of those myths demystified in this post, you can now enjoy promoting your content on both social media and blogs. It is important to research and talk to those who are already blogging to find out other false information you probably believe.