4 Steps To Start A Successful Online Clothing Store For Women Entrepreneurs


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, simply have a passion for fashion that you want to earn money through or desire the freedom that comes with being your own boss, you can easily set up and start an online clothing store. If you are readying yourself and feel you cannot do it, I have four simple steps you can follow to be the owner of your online business!

  • Brainstorm

It is important to think thoroughly and collect different ideas before creating a base for your business. You can do it either by brainstorming alone or with friends having knowledge about the workings of businesses. Going through your ideas and plans with a friend or a support group will also allow you to receive a second, unbiased opinion and refine your initial business plan. Here are a few topics you should pay attention to during your brainstorming session:

∙       Who your audience will be

You must research and decide the audience you will cater to according to age group and style. These two factors are the most important when people shop for clothes and accessories, whether it is in real life or online.

∙       Why you want to start an online clothing business

It is important for you to introspeculate too since starting and handling a business even online can often be hectic at times. If you develop an online clothing store business when you have no interest in clothing really, you would be much better off working on something else instead of wasting time and investment in a project that will start feeling like a chore to you after some time. On the other hand, if you are a budding designer looking for a place to sell your clothing, and want to set up a clothing store yourself, it may be a good idea to sell on an already established clothing store first. Many such online clothing stores exist, such as SSENSE. This fashion blog/store sells other designers’ clothing including Chloé. The house founded by a woman, Chloé offers unique, quality clothing and accessories for the fashion conscious.

  • Collect Ideas

Go to your friends, support groups trusted colleagues or family members to discuss ideas with them. More often than not, you will leave these sessions with a clearer head and an arsenal full of ideas, both your own and the ones they supplied. Once you have collected enough ideas, you will end up with a general structure for your online clothing and accessories business.

  • Think About The Products You Want To Sell

After you form the basis of your online clothing business, you need to think about products stocking this virtual shop. Do you want to design and sell your own clothing or would you rather sell some other brand’s clothes? If you choose the first option, it is a good idea to go through several popular clothing brand stores online to analyze their materials and designs and know what helps their products sell. A few things you must keep in mind are:

∙       Make sure your designs stand out in the market

Although a certain design or style of clothing may sell very well, it is only a matter of time before it gets too common and fashion-conscious people start to look elsewhere for unique and creative designing. So, instead of following the crowd, try to focus on maintaining your individuality as this is an integral part of your online clothing store’s success.

∙       Style Changes

Remember that styles can quickly change, so you must stay ahead of the fashion curve.

  • Think About Financing

Like any other business, an online clothing store will also need capital to start with. For this, you must look at your financing options, and decide whether you will self-finance or look for sponsorships.