4 Stylish Fashion Items that are also Very Comfortable


More often than not, in fashion, style tends to trump comfort. Those stilettos look great, but they hurt as hell. Same goes with skinny jeans. Have you tried wearing them for lunch? However, the latest fashion trends are embracing a novel concept: fashion doesn’t have to hurt.

We can see this latest trend already on the red carpet. Fashion queens like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and even Beyoncé are switching traditional uptight wear with more loose and comfortable options. It certainly proves that comfortable clothes, too, can be fashionable. Let’s look at some of the best swanky fashion items that are also surprisingly comfortable:


  • Joggers


No one with even the slightest sense of fashion would be seen in public wearing sweatpants. Joggers are the fashionable answer to sweatpants. They are as comfortable, but not as unsightly. Joggers are really sweatpants with a few tweaks, but they look nothing like it. A pair of joggers will be perfect for running an errand on the weekend, or for travelling. They come in a variety of fashionable prints to suit semi-formal occasions. Joggers are made with breathable material so you will not stay sweaty. There are no annoying buttons or zippers to fasten joggers. Pair joggers with Timberland shoes for an afternoon stroll without losing your style.


  • Cashmere Sweatshirts


Cold weather fashion is always tricky. It’s very difficult to find a good sweater that goes with everything else. However, the new lines of cashmere sweatshirts are redefining winter fashion. They are highly comfortable, and will keep you warm without making you look like a garish Christmas display. No zipping up is necessary. These are also made with high-quality material to last through several seasons. Try a cashmere sweatshirt this winter and feel the difference.


  • Maxi Skirt


It’s difficult to find a good skirt that does not stick on to the thighs or calves. If you are sick of the butt hugging skirts, consider the maxi skirt. It will flow around you like a joyous summer dress, but with style. The fabric will certainly not rub up against your limbs and chafe. It’s unbelievably easy to move around in a maxi skirt. They work best during summer, and for semi-formal occasions. However, dark tones office wear maxi skirts are also making an appearance. You can certainly dare to wear one to work.


  • Flats


Flats used to be what your mom used to wear around the house. Now, flats are being redesigned to suit all occasions. Consider Keen boots and sandals for example, they are great for the summer outdoors, and also for work with an appropriate suit. Flat heels can protect your spine and lower back from chronic pain in the future. They are also great for those who need to move around a lot for work. Don’t limit your fashion choices to heels; try flats once in a while.

Don’t be afraid of clothes that are loose or flowy. Latest fashion trends are edging towards comfort. It is possible to look and feel good, so try a comfy outfit this week.