Wedding Day Regrets You Don’t Want to Experience


Planning for your wedding is one of the most exciting events that you’ll ever have have the pleasure of planning. There are countless blogs and articles out there which tell you exactly how to enjoy yourself and what you need to do to have a good time on your wedding. But what about the things that you need to avoid? The things you’ll regret if they happen? After going through the ordeal of preparing for my own wedding not too long ago – and experiencing a couple of regrets (small ones, don’t worry!) I wanted to share this list with you in the hopes that it helps you to have a great wedding day.


Stressing too much

As I have said previously, planning a wedding is potentially a stressful time. That much goes without saying. While it is a stressful time, it doesn’t mean that you have to stress about things. You can choose to take two paths here: the first being that you worry about things beyond your control and the second being that you don’t. Once you relinquish a vice grip over the events of your day and night, you’ll find that you’re a whole lot calmer and more chilled out about it. You need to enjoy your big day, and don’t worry – everyone will have a wonderful time no matter what time the salmon entree comes out.


Not getting enough pictures

There are the brides who take waaaaay too many, and then there are the brides who are minimal to the point of being austere. You need to decide what will work for you – and perhaps if you want to save on a photographer for group shots, you can get a photo booth. A Melbourne Memories wedding photo booth would be perfect addition to your wedding and is a great and fun way to bring people together easily. Photo booths are a great ice breaker and something that I highly recommend.


Not serving enough food

It’s not likely to happen, but it’s sometimes the case that caterers can undersupply the food for your event. While not catastrophic, this is a potential nightmare as it means that while people are drinking, they’re not going to be eating enough, which can mean that your guests will end up drunker than they’d like to be. Not a great outcome for you or for your guests. Combat this by speaking to your caterers and make sure they know how much you’re going to want to have for food – and make sure that there are plenty of nibbles and things for your guests to graze on.


Wearing the wrong shoes

While it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to buy new shoes for your wedding day, you need to walk around in them for a few weeks prior to your big day so that they don’t rub on your feet. This is critical. I promise you. Don’t put up with blisters or anything like that – make sure that you have those puppies well worn in before you even think about slipping them on on your wedding day.


Not having a wet weather plan

You might be getting married in the Sahara Desert but you should still have a wet weather plan. It’s the very definition of tempting fate if you choose to plan your outdoor nuptials for a day without having a marquee or some kind of wet weather plan arranged.


Good luck with planning your wedding – don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. This day will just fly by, so make sure you take plenty of time to breathe, relax and enjoy the day. Your guests and partner will thank you for being so chilled out!