The Key Steps to a Themed Wedding


One of the earliest things you’ll consider when you start to plan your wedding is whether or not you’ll have a specific theme. This theme will dictate many decisions you’ll make as part of the day’s creation, from the types of decorations to what you might wear or the style of cake. 

So how can you ensure you’ll take the proper steps to create the perfect themed wedding? Today we’re here to help you and offer examples with guides to inspire you. 

  1. Think About What Type of Wedding You Desire

If you want a wedding that involves dipping yourself in a milky bath of petals in your wedding dress, then be sure to add it to your list. Creating a dream wedding list will help in the initial planning stages of your wedding, and then from there, you can discuss what you’d like and test the waters with ideas. During these mindmap stages, you’ll narrow down to the essentials and a clear theme to build the wedding. 

  1. What Type of Person are you and your Partner?

Before you decide for sure you want a theme it’s always good to think about what types of people you and your partner are. For example, if you’re both ‘show ponies’, dressing up in a costume might be the perfect way to tie the knot, but if you’re reserved, going for something more traditional or minimal might be the better option. 

  1. What is Your Wedding Budget Situation 

When it comes to themed weddings that are not traditional, the decoration and extras to give a wedding its star theme often lead to a bloated budget. So when you start to get excited about your wedding theme, if you’re concerned about spending a lot, think about ways to maximize your budget without overspending. This factor could mean saying no to an expensive alien costume or a skeleton waver that costs several hundred dollars and instead looking for secondhand or DIY crafts.

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  1. What are Examples of Themed-Weddings?

Now that we’ve got the essential planning out of the way, it’s time to look more specifically at the theme you’ll be harnessing for your wedding. But what themes can you possibly apply to your wedding? We will list some examples below from our 2022 wedding theme guides archive, so if you find a piece perfect for you, you’ll be able to use our guide to get started.

If you consider yourself at heart a knight in shining armour or a beautiful princess lounging in a tall tower, then a medieval or castle-themed wedding might be the perfect theme for you. You can dress up, rent out a castle, or have wedding entertainment such as a jousting tournament or big ballroom reception. The rustic aesthetic of romantic castles doesn’t even need much to look great in wedding photos and is a unique life story to tell when people ask where you got hitched. 

For those of the refined pallet who are forever living in a romance novel by Austin or who love the history of Victorian times, then a Victorian wedding is a possible theme for you. Throw yourself into the world of Queen Victoria as you try on old-fashioned attire, dance and eat a lot of cake. What about your place of celebration? Well, you can frolic about in dining halls and rows of flowers that will adorn every surface of the lordly estate (or an equivalent venue).

You can’t go wrong with one of the world’s oldest officially recognised legal celebrations with historically-inspired weddings. Whether you like Greece or Rome, or both, you can use these ancient cultures to give you inspiration for a truly unique marriage experience.  You could even take a trip to one of these famous lands and learn Greek or Latin to say ‘i love you’ as part of your wedding rites. However big you decide to go, just perhaps leave out the public entertainment of real gladiatorial games!

If you relish in the natural beauty of the outdoors, then a wedding that takes advantage of this scenery cheaper option for budgets could be a great choice. For those with a large enough plot of land, you could even host it in your backyard to save money on hiring a venue. By allowing yourself, the private space at home, you can spend longer decorating and doing as many trials as you see fit until you’re ready to do the real thing!

Any wedding can be musically inspired or themed! If music is essential to you, then ensure you think about it carefully for your special day. This matter could be creating the perfect wedding playlist or going further to create a whole wedding event that breathes the air of a beautiful evening at an opera. Whatever you desire, we have a guide for you if you need music! 

And if you decide you want to dress up, any traditional ballgown or tuxedo will add to the classic attire of a 19th-century trip to the ball. Plus, if you know a good band, they could add to this entertainment at your reception. 

If you’re a big foodie, you’ll be very particular about the food you’ll be serving at your wedding. What if you went further and made your whole wedding theme about the celebration of the fuel that keeps us going? 

You can do this in many ways, from offering nibbles to a delicious main menu; however, have you considered edible decorations? For example, perhaps every flower that wraps around the venue is also made of pure sugar and thus edible. Or maybe you’ve picked a natural spicy variety of flora? 

One way to make food a critical part of your wedding theme is to think beyond just ‘food’ and consider something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or a celebration of world cultures through food. 

If you’re Indian or love Indian culture, perhaps you’d like to give certain aspects of their wedding traditions a go. Of course, be careful with trying to appropriate their traditions as a cheap gimmick culturally; however, if you keep this in mind but there are no problems with wanting to celebrate your union with Indian inspirations regardless of your cultural affinity.  At its essence, an Indian wedding is bright and colorful, with a celebration of love with complex cultural traditions laid out to help the married couple into their next stage in life. 

In the western world, you can never get more traditional a wedding theme than in a church under the sacred eye of God. There are likely many churches in your area, each with their strengths and weaknesses for providing a venue and adequate space for a wedding. Churches have some of the most beautiful and complex interior designs, which always look great, making it easy to go without decorations. In addition, we can’t deny that they create some of the most straightforward ways to get married, with a priest and enough seating for giant gatherings. 

The time for Halloween is almost upon us (at least at the time of writing this), so perhaps you want to add a little spook or embrace your gothic side? Time to throw aside the royal doors to a traditional church wedding and step out into the cemetery to embrace the burial grounds of your ancestors. You can get betrothed between the headstones, welcome your guests with a plastic skeleton, dress like you’re about to brew a potion or wear the dirty suit of a gravedigger. The possibilities of having a horrific wedding are endless.

So you’ve found yourself fascinated by the metaverse? What if we told you that people now get married in virtual spaces, which is becoming very common and super easy? If you are the type of person that spends their whole life online, this could be the perfect option to get hitched. You might have friends worldwide, so this would allow them to attend your ceremony in a virtual space, and there are even priests that offer VR Chat services!

So you consider yourself huge space nerds? I’ve seen plenty of people just like you, and you know what they did? They got themselves married in a sci-fi-themed wedding, and it looked like something truly out of this world. So embrace the extraterrestrial inside of you, hire a UFO and consider an extra spacey venue like an alien-themed bar or somewhere in the desert of Nevada. You can’t go wrong with getting hitched around guests dressed as aliens, you both dressing as your favorite sci-fi villains, and trying to spy a UFO at dark. 

If you and your partner find yourselves in the Queer sphere, then you might decide to embrace your identity by having an extravagant rainbow wedding. This sentiment is done in many ways, from adorning your venue with rainbows, unicorns, and pride flags, to wearing a suit (as a woman) or dress (as a man), breaking gender roles.

Taking one final step back in time, we have a Viking wedding theme guide! If you want to embrace your inner nordic soul, take some tips from the old books of Freya and the mortals she helped wed will help send you in the right direction. Then, imagine the romantic scene as you wear furs and traditional Norse clothing, wrapped in each other’s embrace under the natural woodland setting, with ceremonial swords at your side. 

Final Remarks

This guide shows that the critical steps to fulfilling the dreams of a themed wedding are very straightforward. You just need to consider your budget, the types of people you are, and whether you even want a theme. Of course, if you want a theme, it’s one thing to pick the choice but another to push it into action, so plan it wisely! And even if the steps seem daunting, the results will be worth it.