4 Travel Tips for Fashionable Comfort While Traveling


People always say that life is not about the destination but the journey. However, when it comes to traveling, it’s usually more about the actual destination. Unfortunately, the act of getting from one place to the next is rarely the most comfortable experience or the best time to show off your fashion savvy, either. Or is it? 

If you are a fashion-forward traveler who also values comfort, here are four tips for staying comfortable yet stylish on the go.

Ditch the Standard Travel Pillow

Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, it’s common knowledge that sitting in a seat for long periods isn’t fun for our necks. It’s also common knowledge that people don’t necessarily look fashionable with a bulky donut-shaped pillow wrapped around their neck. Instead, consider packing a travel pillow that is lightweight, easy to pack, and works well in any seated situation. Next thing you know, you’ll be snoozing like the fashion-forward rockstar you are.

Cancel Out the Noise

When traveling, if you prefer to listen to music or just want to block out the sound of the three-year-old sitting behind you singing her remixed version of the ABCs for the 50th time, you’ll want to have a set of earbuds. Unlike larger headsets that might mash into your head while you try to sleep, earbuds are more compact and take up less room in your travel bag (which means you’ll have more space for all those extra outfits you decided to bring last minute). Choose a set of earbuds that has top-notch noise-canceling features, and your travel time is sure to be blissfully quiet, just the way you like it.

Bring Comfortable Shoes

If you often find yourself fashionably late to the airport and sprinting to your gate, or you know you’ll be doing a lot of jogging, walking, or running at your destination – be sure to pack a pair of On Running shoes. Not only are these the best running shoes, but On Cloud shoes come in various colors and styles to match every personality. Best of all, these high-quality shoes will keep your feet happy and your wardrobe on point.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

All the most fashionable outfits in the world are no match for mother nature, so be sure to check the weather at your final destination before packing. For maximum comfort and fashion versatility, consider packing tops and bottoms in solid colors that can be mixed, matched and layered together. This way, you’ll have many options no matter the weather.

Ready, Set, Pack!

Now you’re ready to gather all your favorite travel items and start packing. Remember to choose smaller items like a lightweight travel pillow and compact earbuds that are fashionable but take up less room in your travel bag. Pick clothing items that can be interchanged and layered to create different, weather-appropriate outfits. More importantly, choose the best running shoes that will keep your feet comfortable while traversing the airport, sprinting between terminals, or casually walking through a new city after you arrive at your final destination. 

Though traveling from one place to another isn’t always the most fun, reaching a new destination and making new memories will be worth the journey.