4 Ways To Reduce The Risk Factors Of Drug Overdose


Contrary to common belief, drug overdose is very common and takes the lives of many of our loved ones. Although we only know about the cases we hear of in the news like those of celebrities and public figures, this happens to many people on a daily basis. 

An overdose happens when a toxic amount of any drug enters the body and is not processed well. Sometimes, overdosing is intentional like in cases of suicide or if someone is in so much pain that they think taking many painkillers will make them feel better. Here are ways to help reduce the risk of suffering from a drug overdose for yourself or a loved one.  

  1. Don’t Mix Drugs 

One of the common causes of a drug overdose is mixing drugs. Taking your drug with alcohol rather than water can lead to an overdose and health issues. Also mixing drugs with sleeping pills can lead to the same thing. Overdosing on Opioid drugs, even legal ones, can be prevented if you are more cautious when it comes to your consumption. This should also be a strict rule in case you are on any illegal drugs.  

  1. Surround Yourself With Caring People 

Overdosing is sometimes intentional, especially in cases of depression. If you are on antidepressants you are advised to stay closer to people you love or surround yourself with people in general. Staying alone when you are not feeling psychologically well can lead to drug overdoses and decreases your chances of being saved. Needless to say, being with people you love can help with your depression and elevate the loneliness feeling we all dread. 

  1. Ask Your Doctor First 

Before you increase the dose of any prescribed medication or go for the stronger version, make sure you ask your doctor. If the medication you are on is not working as you expect it to, your doctor can change it for you or gradually increase the dose if he thinks that will help. Do not act under the influence of pain and do something that can damage your health or risk your life. 

  1. Carry Naloxone At All Times  

If you are on drugs or if you have suffered from an overdose before make sure you have Naloxone with you at all times. If you are addicted to a drug, keep Naloxone in a place where your friends and family members can reach and tell them how to give it to you. Be aware that this does not replace calling for help.  It should be just a step until help arrives. 

Many lives could be saved with the proper education and knowledge about certain death causes. Overdosing can happen to anyone, many people have no idea that it can be prevented. For people who have been in rehab or on a detox, going back to their old habits can lead to suffering from an overdose because their bodies have been drug-free for some time and they are taking it back in. Same with anyone who is just starting to take medication of any kind whether it is over the counter or not. It is always better to be safe than sorry.