Sensational Ways To Put The Old Bulbs To A Good Use


Hey there Top Dreamers! It’s currently a huge trend to recycle some of the old objects that you have in your house and which you consider to be trash. Well, it seems that those “trashy” items are having their moment now, so in this article we are going to share with you some wonderful DIY ideas. Check out the photos below and see some Sensational Ways To Put The Old Bulbs To A Good Use. When you think that the life of a bulb is over when it’s not producing any more light, you are totally wrong. Some creative minds have come up with pretty good ideas that will fascinate you. Scroll down and make your picks! I’m sure that you will get down to work to DIY some of these very soon!

The old bulbs can be turned into some really elegant and stylish decor items. Find the one that best fits into your interior and copy it. It’s super easy to make any one of them!

Bulb Lamps

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The old bulbs can serve you as a super cute flower vases which you can hang both outdoors or indoors. Be creative and use light bulbs of different shapes and sizes and fill them with delicate flowers or even fall leaves.

Bulb Flower Vases

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Lightbulb Toothpick Holder

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We have plenty of holidays during which we can show to our loved ones that we care for them and that we love them so much. Instead of going to the shops and buying gifts that anyone could buy them, why don’t you try to make one on your own? In this way you will show them that you really appreciate them and that you have spend time to make a unique gift. These two below will melt their hearts for sure!

Christmas Gift Idea

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

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Bulb Door Wreath

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Hot Air Balloon Bulb

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Christmas time is coming really soon, so you are going to have to spend lots of money on Christmas decoration unless you are feeling creative and make some amazing balls and decorations by recycling the old bulbs.

Christmas Balls and Decorations

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A Ship in a Bottle

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The old bulb light can make a good use in the kitchen as well. You can make your own spice rack, and have your spices within the reach of the hand in a very original and creative way. What do you think about the idea? Do you see the old bulbs displayed in your kitchen?

Spice Rack

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Having little pieces of nature all around us can make us feel calm and relaxed. Now, you can bring the nature indoors by creating the stupendous tiny terrariums. All you have to do is to fill the bulbs with small rocks or sand, and decorate them with green moss. They can serve you as elegant decorations, and will make your interior look classy and stylish!

Tiny Terrariums

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